New Step-Brother

My mom was remarried a few years back and her new husband brought along an angsty teenage jock for a son. It was definitely an adjustment having a new brother only a year older than myself. He jumped right into the role of ‘oldest sibling’ in that he always felt the need to boss me around or degrade me in front of his friends. I hopped on the bandwagon and became the bratty little sister, ready to make him angry every second of the day.

The living situation was so stressful. My older brother and I had Jack and Jill bedrooms that were connected by our shared bathroom. Sharing a bathroom with a teenage boy is absolutely disgusting. I don’t think he has any aim with that little cock of his. It was a constant battle to keep our shared space clean. So then, I just started to throw my clothes around like it was all mine. I loved hearing him yell, “Dad! My bratty little sister keeps leaving her panties all over the bathroom!”

Party Prep and Some Alone Time

One day, I was coming home from school and my older brother had football practice that would keep him late. My parents have gone out of town for the weekend, which means my older brother is probably going to throw a rager tonight. His parties always start out with a few of his jocky douchebag bros sitting on the couch, texting every girl in their phone in hopes that one of them might show up. Then, it gets huge. One time they successfully planned a hot teen sex party and turned the house into a makeshift strip club. So, with all of this in mind, between football practice and beer runs, I should have the house to myself for at most two more hours.

Bratty Little Sister Plots

I have some time to get myself extra sexy for tonight. Not that I really care about his party, but I know I’m going to steal his spotlight and take all the credit. What else is a bratty little sister good for? I stripped out of my schoolgirl uniform and turned on the shower. As I stood there in the mirror, admiring my young, sexy body, I heard the front door open and shut. I jumped in the shower before that sweaty jock brother of mine tried to steal it.

Over the sound of the water running, I heard his footsteps growing louder. I’m enjoying my sweet time, soaking up all of that hot water and lathering my silky blonde hair in conditioner, when I hear the bathroom door. He started pounding on it and yelling for me to hurry up so he could get ready for his party. I started singing my shower tunes at the top of my lungs to drown out his impatient begging.

Shared Showertime

Then, to my surprise, he picked the lock to the bathroom and threw open the shower curtain. Struggling to cover my naked body with my hands, I see the look of rage on his face turn into excitement. “I still have to rinse! Get out!” I yelled at him. Without hesitation, he started to strip off his football gear and never took his eyes off of me. I’m not sure if this was an intimidation trick of his, but I wasn’t fazed by it. I continued my shower and laughed at his soft penis starting to shrivel in the cold.

Then he said, “I’m coming in whether you’re done or not!”

Next, I was met with my naked stepbrother in the shower. He started to push me out of the way to claim the water for himself. I didn’t budge and his complaining continued.

“You’re such a bratty little sister! I have to shower so that I can go get beer for the party!”

Our naked bodies were grazing each other in the battle for the hot water. I could feel him starting to grow as I looked down and saw his cock pressed firmly against my thigh.

“GROSS!” I shouted. Then, as his laughter filled the steamy bathroom as he pulled me in closer. 

Handjob and Forced Creampie

Consequently, wiggling around only aroused him more. He proposed a deal. If I gave him a handjob he’d get out of the bathroom and let me shower in peace. I took the deal, laughing at my easy end of the deal.

“You’re nothing but a two pump chump! The second I wrap my hand around your cock, I bet you’ll just explode! Deal.”

As I started to stroke him, my bratty little sister comments kept coming. I called him every name in the book and talked down on his penis pumping in and out of my hand. What sent him over the edge was saying, “Now I know why you don’t have a girlfriend. No one wants to fuck this pathetic dick. Therefore, you have to bribe your bratty little sister into a handjob!”

With the comment, I found myself immediately bent over and pressed against the wall. He pressed himself into me and I let out a moan and a giggle.

Then, he began pounding my tight teen pussy. Thrusting himself in and out harder and faster, I could no longer come up with another snarky comment. The hot water poured onto us and I took my brothers cock in the shower. With a grunt and an adjustment of his feet, I felt his balls pour into me. Finally, he creampied my pussy. I couldn’t believe it!

Cream Filled

I turned around to look at my filthy brother grinning from ear to ear. Then, in a fit of rage, I wrapped myself in a towel and stormed out of the bathroom. Later, as I sat on my bed, feeling my brother’s cum drip out of me, I fingered myself to the thought of his cock. I know he loves his bratty little sister.

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