Teen Virgin Hot Tease and Denial Story

I was the teen virgin tease back in the day. Let’s face it you men are too easy to fuck with. All it takes to get you hard is a tight young teen flaunting her young pussy your way. I could get whatever I wanted just by teasing a man and I still can. It started back when mommy and daddy left me with a male babysitter to go on vacation but it hasn’t stopped since. The babysitter was dumb fuck that showed me his cock and even let me play with it but I left him wanting more. I guess it was mean to jerk him off just enough to get him close to the point of blowing his load. I lied to him and told him I was tired. Instead I teased him and went to bed.

He started texting me and begging me to see him every since that night. A couple of weeks later I invited him over to my friends after raiding her parents liquor cabinet. He’s just so easy to fuck with it. We were alone and her parents worked the night shift but he had no idea what he was getting into. He thought he was finally getting some of that teen virgin pussy but he was only getting more tease and denial. As he drank with us we started to kiss and touch each other. Just as he tried in the middle of us we pushed back on the couch and giggled. We went back to fooling around with each other because we knew a little lesbian sex would only tease him more. As we nibbled his ear my lips got close to his but then I pulled back.

We sat next to him and I rubbed my friends pussy on the outside of her panties but every time he tried touching I smacked his hand away. I stripped him down and showed my friend his cock which was really hard. We acted like we were going to suck it but instead I just licked it one time. My warm breath blowing on the tip of his cock teased him more. We then took turns dry humping cock and every time he begged for our teen virgin pussy we giggled and led him on to think we might give in. It may be a little mean but in the end he didn’t get to put his dick inside anything. We sent him home to jerk off alone. Even to this day I enjoy A good tease and denial session.

Kinky Kelsey