Tease and Denial With A Bratty Teen

My parents were going on weekend getaway but they have hired a babysitter for their bratty teen. Daddy tried talking some sense into mommy but my jealous daddy doesn’t want me fucking anyone but him. The babysitter caught me when I tried sneaking out my window. My good looking babysitter is hell bent on following mommy’s rules. The babysitter wouldn’t leave me alone for a second. As I was changing into my night clothes he stood there watching making sure I didn’t try and sneak out. I saw him looking and I could see he liked what he saw. When I turned around I asked if he wanted to touch but he refused and called me a child.

I walked towards him and using my sweet seductive voice I convinced him he wanted a feel. Just as he went to reach for my tits I smacked his hands. Daddy didn’t raise no princess he raised a bratty teen. He stands before me confused but when I tell him I’m going to call me parents he pleads like his life depends on it. With him sitting on my bed and me standing in front of him, I taunt him sliding my hands inside my panties. I ask if this is what he wants as I tease my teen pussy inside my panties. He didn’t even have to answer when I looked at his crotch he was hard. I grab his crotch and describe how my pussy feels I went into complete details as he grew harder in my hand.

I’ll admit I liked the way he felt in my hand and even though I really wanted to feel his dick in other places I wasn’t going to cave. Just feeling him made me want to see what his cock looked like bare so I whispered sweet things in his ear and convinced him to take off those pants. He thinks he’s going to get lucky but this bratty teen is a tease. His cock looked as good as it felt and I wanted him even more. I straddled him and now his dick is throbbing against the crotch of my panties. He begged for me to remove my panties but I refused. Have you ever been dry humped by a hot teen? I came really fast but just as he was going to blow I got up and walked away leaving him denied.

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Kinky Kelsey