I Used To Be A Teen Tease

I used to be a teen tease. My father’s brother came to live with us for a while after his divorce. He was very kind and generous towards me. He did enjoy me doing some things for him, but I never minded. And  he never touched me, but he would give me money and gifts if I’d “help him out”, as he put it. When he first came to stay with us and mentioned this, I asked what he’d want me to do for him. He said if I’d wear some skimpy outfits and pose and bend over and expose my panties kind of thing. I didn’t think much of it, or that it was wrong or anything. He’d slip me a hundred or a fifty dollar bill if I played along, so why not?

I Asked Him If He’d Like A Little Fashion Show

One time my parents were out and I’d been out shopping and had gotten a couple of cute new bikinis. My uncle saw me come in with the shopping bags and asked why I’d gotten at the mall. I smiled and asked if he’d like a little fashion show. He nodded of course, so I went and put one of them on and came into his room wearing one. I could see the bulge in his pants as he saw me twirl around wearing it. He told me to close the door. He was always worried someone might catch on to our little game, but they never did.

I Bent Over Close Up To His Face

First he reached down and unzipped his pants and took his fat cock out and began to stroke it. I saw him begin to pump it as I walked back and forth in front of him. I bent over and grabbed my ankles. He was only inches away from my bubble butt cheeks and I know he wanted to grab me, but he didn’t. He just looked longingly.

I shook my ass for him and he audibly groaned a bit. I turned around and bent over towards him. He was staring at my breasts and hard nipples that were in the bikini top. He was breathing heavily as he pumped his cock. I traced my pussy lips with my fingers over the crotch of the bathing suit. He shot his load as I did that. I was rewarded with a hundred dollar bill for my little performance. Being a teen tease could be very profitable . I wished I had other uncle’s I could have done these sorts of things for, I’d really have cleaned up!

My Family Never Knew What A Teasing Slut I Was

My family never had a clue their daughter was a teen tease. Taking money from her uncle for acting like a little slut in front of him. They’d have been mortified if they’d known. One time there was a dance at school I was going to. There was a beautiful dress I wanted for it and I mentioned it to my uncle. He said he’d get the dress for me, if he could watch me change into it fully nude.

I loved it when He Watched Me

I agreed. When  I came home and on my bed were two boxes. One with a matching bra and panty set, and the other with the dress. He knew my parents were going out that evening and we’d be alone. He came into my room and sat on the edge of the bed and I stripped nude. I then took out the new bra and panty set and tried them on. They fit perfectly . I could see him stroking his cock as I adjusted my breasts in the bra cups. Then slipping the dress on over my head.

He Just Loved To Watch Me

I knew he was so aroused watching me, since he rarely got to see me fully nude. I’d seen him looking a few times as I got out of the shower, but I rarely posed in the nude for him. He was moving his hand up and down his shaft as I looked at myself in the mirror in my new finery. I told him to stroke it for me. He pumped and soon shot a load into his hand as he watched me, his niece, the teen tease. I loved having this power over him. During the year he stayed with us, I easily made a few grand off of him and doing this. It was fun.

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