Becoming a teen spanking slave doll.

Want to know how I became a complete teen spanking slave doll? First of all, it began when I snuck in through the back door. The sensor lights gleamed through the yard, and panic filled my body. Still, there was a glimmer of hope that no one had noticed. I waited a few minutes and invited a special friend over. I have been flirting with him all night and have been doing shots thanks to my fake ID. A little tequila and my legs are open sesame. So as a result, my need for cock is instantaneous. For this reason, I had spent the whole night teasing this random guy. You can say I wanted him inside my holes at all costs. I knew I zeroed in on a good one when I swayed against his cock and felt how much he was packing in those pants.

A naughty night!

My pussy instantly became wet as can be. My mind began to race, and without a doubt, I needed this stranger’s cock to fill my tight teen holes. I wanted every inch of his dick to thrust deep inside me. After sneaking him in, I knew I couldn’t push my luck. I focused on fucking him in the laundry room. It was the only sure way to get a nut in me without getting caught. We both were ready to go.

Feeling like a complete horny slut!

After a few minutes of making out and trying to keep the noise down, I whispered in his ear and told him to fuck me. He leaned me against the washer and began to push his meat deep in me. I covered my mouth to stop from moaning. My cunt felt every bit of him. It didn’t take long for him to turn me around and begin to pump my ass. I felt his load deep in my bum. My pussy couldn’t stop throbbing and climaxing. Finally, as soon as we both orgasmed, I pretty much shooed him away. In addition, I never did get his name. Next, I proceeded to make my way to my room. Never would have it crossed my mind I’d become a teen spanking slave shortly soon thereafter.

A perfect night for a perfect slut.

A hot shower after a long slutty night couldn’t be more perfect. After all, I could feel his cum drip out of me. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself. As I stepped out of the shower and dried off, I noticed someone sitting on my bed. My stepdad was wide awake. “You have been a bad girl! ” he said.  I was hoping it was all in my head, but it wasn’t. Next, he told me he saw the whole thing. He began to say to me that little sluts like me deserve to be teen spanking slave sluts. My stepdad gave me an ultimatum. Either he would tell my mom what a little slut I had been for the night, or I would become his slave for awhile. Usually, I would have put up a fight, but the blackmailing got me turned on and I couldn’t say no.

Following his orders.

Soon, I began to play with my pussy as he instructed me to do then, I began fingering my asshole. I did it all without losing eye contact with him. It excited him to the max to watch me. My stepdaddy started to stroke and rub his cock. Then, I could see the urge for him to explode. “Keep rubbing your pussy, I am going to turn you over and make you my teen spanking slave,” he ordered.

Without missing a beat, I felt him grab his belt and begin to spank me. I let out a scream then felt him bury my face in the pillow. Next, he told me to be quiet, or he would go harder.

My ass was beet red.

I had tears streaming down my face. He proceeded to tell me that naughty girls deserve punishment. I couldn’t believe how horny and excited I had been all night.

Nothing prepared me for his cock entering my ass. I was still especially sore from the ass fucking I got twenty minutes prior. My stepdad warned me not to stop rubbing my cunt. I began to feel him violate my ass until he flipped me once more and fucked my cunt. A perfect ending to the best night ever.

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