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To begin with, the holidays always bring my uncle out to visit. My uncle is such a pervert, and I love that he is so nasty. I can’t stop feeding his urge to be a sick fuck. I remember the first time I realized my Uncle Rob was addicted to tight teen holes. One day, I sat beside him and saw his erect dick. Uncle Rob didn’t even hide it very well. Not too long after that incident, I caught him staring at me up and down and began hearing him jerk off in the middle of the night. Every time Uncle Rob paid a visit, his perversion lingered in my mind. Another instance brought out his love for porn. I could hear his naughty video blasting and echo through the hallways. My parents had stepped out, and it was me and my naughty uncle home alone.

A naughty visit.

Eventually, on one of his visits, I decided it was time to do something naughty. My mind had gone to filthy places. My parents had plans, and well, so did I.  Surely, my hot outfit would make anyone rock hard. I had on my black and pink lace bra and black thong. I had a pink satin robe on and had it tied. Admittedly, I had been anticipating the look on his face. I couldn’t wait to show my uncle. I had played it in my head over and over again. The look on his face would be worth all the second-guessing. My heart pounded out of my chest. A mix of nervousness and excitement propelled through my body. As I walked in, I immediately grabbed all his attention. It didn’t take me long at all to strip off the robe.

What next?

Uncle Rob knew what would happen next. After all, I’m sure he played this scenario out in his filthy mind one too many times. Uncle Rob watched me while he pulled out his meaty cock. My lacey bra came off, and I began to give him a complete show. My tight teen holes were on full display. I couldn’t stop giggling and teasing his perverted cock. Next, my hands caressed my body, and my uncle Rob was well aware of what a nasty little slut I was to the core. Him watching me made me feel like even more of a deviant.

A need not a want…

I could tell he wasn’t going to stop until he got a piece of me. Likewise, I couldn’t wait for him to take the lead and start fucking me, but still, I wanted to tease him some more. My hands began to work my pussy. I worked my fingers under my black thong. Seeing him weaker by the second had me soaking. All this time, I hadn’t even said a single word. My actions, on the other hand, said more than enough. My need for him to fuck my tight teen holes were clear.

Waiting impatiently!

However, Uncle Rob couldn’t take it any longer, and he got close. My uncle’s hands gripped my young petite body. On his guest bed, I went. My uncle found his way between my legs and licked my teen twat so good. As horny as I was, I couldn’t contain myself. My pussy began to get even wetter. Uncle Rob slid his fingers deep inside me. He was exploring my cunt and if you love anal sex stories you will be pleased to know my asshole was next.

I could see he was getting me warmed up for what was next. My uncle then teased my asshole first. I knew he loved a nice firm teen ass and anal pounding me was a must for him. It was bizarre that we had not said much, but we were at this point. Just like I thought, my uncle started pumping my ass next. Tight teen holes can make any red-blooded man do anything.

My holes belonged to him!

Clear as day, I was enjoying my uncle explore my body. “I can keep secrets, Uncle Rob,” I whispered.

As soon as I said that, he came uncontrollably. My pussy filled with all of my uncle’s sticky warm creamy cum and it was the highlight of his visit. I knew I could make his dream cum true because tight teen holes can make any man break the rules. You can’t say no to a naughty niece. It’s practically impossible to turn us sluts down. You can bet there was an encore and so much more after our first encounter.

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