I know many of you have been there and are going to understand. I was home alone, and feeling kind of horny because I hadn’t touched myself in a few days so I decided to have some fun. The first thing that came to mind was porn so I immediately went to my favorite and started the search. You all know the struggle of finding the perfect scene. My top searches include lesbian strap on and interracial, but recently I’ve been into some amateur teen solo masturbation scenes. I just want it to watch a tight young pussy with fingers deep inside it, so I could do the same. When I finally found it, it was too late.

As I was barely starting the almost ten minute long video, someone knocked on my door. FUCK! I thought to myself. Family was home and I wasn’t going to be able to be alone, so the next best thing came to mind. I went out my room for a bit and talked with my mom, and told her I was about to take a shower. I hoped in the shower wanting to have some fun, just like the one I had missed by not watching that porn. I know, I could of taken my phone in the room and watched it but I am always clumsy and think something is going to happen to it.

I sat down on the tub and spread my legs open. I usually always close my eyes, so I did just that. I started pinching and softly tugging on my puffy nipples. I made them so hard, and I could feel the warm water fill up the tub very slowly. I played with my perky titties till my pussy was moist. That always gets me going. After, I started rubbing my clit. Mmmm, my sweet little clit was swollen and I know it wouldn’t take long before I would start fingering my pussy. Once I was soaking wet, that is exactly what I did. In the background I could hear my mom yapping away whatever bothered her that day, but I didn’t care. I want it to cum so bad. Then my mom knocked on the door and said to hurry up. So since I needed to be quick I turned on the head of the shower and pointed it directly to my pink slit. It felt so good, and I had seen many girls on scenes do it.

Didn’t take much for me to cum hard while warm water massaged my pussy. Don’t you wish you can listen to my orgasm as I tell you all the dirty fucking things we could be doing?

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