It was Sunday morning When My Teen Sister Sex Story Happened. Mom had drug Dad to church and I had faked being sick yet another Sunday to miss church. I hated going to Church. Plus, I had better things to be doing! Lol, His name was Trace. Trace was a 6’1 Very Slim Tall Black Man with the biggest cock I had ever seen! I had measured it one day.  He is a Good 10 inches! It was something I needed in my life. An I needed it often! Mom and Dad would have killed me to know I was on Trevor’s cock at least 2 or 3 times a week!

However, I didn’t care. He was the only guy that knew how to pound my Pussy as it should be! Trace and I had planned on this Sunday morning he was going to come over and fuck me as I should be. My cunt was dripping the whole time Mom and Dad were getting ready for church. It seemed as they were getting ready extra slow this morning but of course, I hadn’t seen Trace in a week! I was extra horny.

Finally Mom and Dad Drive off

I knew Trace had been waiting just out back in the woods to come in. So I got this sexy little nighty onto surprise my lover. I wanted his Dickk Rock hard the min he saw me! It was a cute Black lacey nighty with the thongs to watch! I knew he loved seeing my pale skin against the lacy black material. He had once told me Black was my color. Ha!As he was stretch my pick pretty pussy out! I possed on my bed and waited for Trace to come in as he did on many other Sunday Morning. Waiting and waiting but he did not come in. I called with no reply Was trace standing me up? He never missed a chance to ream my cunt. I decided to go look for him.

Where was Trace?

Throwing on a rob I headed out back to the woods. Just then I heard something out by the pool. I headed in that direction. Hearing Trace the closer and closer I got.  I scoped out by the pool and in one of the pool chairs Isaw Trace. Pounding a dirty blonde in the ass. She was moaning the harder and harder he fucked her. His big black cock was slamming her tight ass the deeper and deeper the harder he pounded. I was pissed he was out in the back of my house fucking some hot mess of a dirty blonde.

However just then her head turn and I saw it was my babysitter! What the Fuck was Trace doing fucking my sister. My head was whirling, I was pissed beyond belief. Trying to wrap my head around what I’m seeing. I kept watching as I noticed she was taking that 10-inch cock up her ass as a Big black cock slut should!

She was a hell of a Slut! Kinda impressed I must say. I couldn’t help but keep watching her take his man meat. I actually was getting turned on. My cunt was getting wet. I couldn’t help but reach down an start rubbing my little button. This is some shit those Phonesex Lines talk about and it was turning me on!

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Trace was fucking both Sister’s

Trace was a Pleasurable Fuck and now I get to watch my sister enjoy it. I can’t lie she was a little Hottie too! Three years younger than me. Small frame and just getting Tits. I can’t imagine her tight little pussy has been used very much. My Teen Sister Sex Story couldn’t have many. However, I wanted to see more! Just then Trace let out a big moan and I knew that meant he was cumming. he was filling my Sisters ass up with his big milky white cum. He pushed her head down into the pool chair as he did my so many times before. Telling her don’t worry baby girl your Cunt is still left up touched. Your still a virgin. I hurriedly walked away not wanting to get caught watching them.

Bedroom Activities

When I got back to my room I still was in shock. Sitting on my bed thinking how long has Trace been fucking my babysitters ass? Does My Teen Sister Sex Story get deeper than what I had just seen? What else has she done? I have even barely let a guy fuck my ass and defiantly not Trace with his big python! just then Trace comes walking into my room. Grabs my hand and twirls me around saying how beautiful I am. That’s he’s such a luckily to have such a fine nice assed White girl who loves fucking his cock. Then kisses me and tells me to get to work. This was his way of telling me to suck his dick.

However, My sister’s ass had just been on his cock. Thinking to myself I needed this BBC in my life I did as I was told. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time I had my sisters ass in my mouth after what I just saw! My pussy still wet I dropped to my knees and started sucking my sister’s ass of his Dick.  Working my mouth up and down his rod. I love being a Black Cum Eating Girl. Trace’s cum was so thick and Creamy!

My unpure thoughts Of My Teen Sister Sex Story

After getting his Big Cock Hard He sat down on the bed and patted his lap. Telling me to come to him. I got up and walked over. Trace grab my hips and swung me down onto the bed. As I wondered if this was in My Teen Sister Sex Story as well. He Took his knees and pushed my legs apart. taking his teeth and pulling my thong down my legs. Trace was very seductive. I could see how anyone could be caught in his trap. How could I be mad at my sister? Feeling him blowing on my wet cunt. Lost my self thinking how he would finally take her virgin cunt. Feeling his tongue flicker on my clit. I couldn’t help cum thinking how he would be doing the same to my babysitter.

Trace lapped up my juices never knowing they were flowing from thinking of him taking my sister. However, He did notice how hard I rode his cock that day. He even asked me what had got into me. That it was one of the best times I had ever ridden his cock. I guess seeing My Teen Sister Sex Story come to life made the whore come out of me!