The MILFs and I had an away game and we saw this as an invitation to start our teen sex training camp.  We would call it “Whore-lapooza”.  Our little club had a membership of eleven little whores in training.  My favorite of them all was Cindy.  Just thinking of her made my mouth water.

She had a talented tongue that would make you melt in her mouth, not in her hand. As I sit here, with my eyes closed and my naked body freshly out of the shower mind you.  Grinning, I can not help but think about going back to bed and playing with my throbbing pussy begging to be touched, fucked, licked, fingered, and then fisted.  I disrobed and glided back into bed.  Spreading my legs, fully exposed.  A drop of my sweet nectar starts a trickle out of my enticing misty cunt.

As my fingertips slithered, tracing my rock-hard nipples then cupping my already tender breast.

A slap to remind me not to get carried away and enjoy myself.  Thinking now of a strong hand to help guide me to an intense orgasm that my cunt craves.  I need COCK!  My smooth engorged pussy lips are not enough to hold back my swollen clit.  It was begging for attention.  “Whore.”  I whispered to myself.  A telling of how I need to be treated in bed.  Fuck me.  My index finger following right behind my middle finger start to disappear.  Slowly slipping into my soaking cunt hole.  My eyes open and my hips slightly moving from left to right in a rhythm that only would make me feel hornier and crave a thick cock to stretch me. My breath starts to become heavier and the need for cock intensifies… I want to be fucked.

As I lay there in bed showing all my teen sex training class on the art of masturbation.

That is when I first noticed Cindy.  Her look said exactly what I was wanting to relate to these teens.  Desire my pussy, the scent that fills my bedroom, and the tingle of your hands desiring to touch me.    Every man in one single room should feel the same.  But only a few have been inside this delectable pussy.  My walls hug on tight to that rock-hard cock.  Squeezing it making sure it drips precum inside of me.

Sliding in and out of my pussy and with every exit was the slap of clit to his cock.

Cindy wasted no time to get into bed with me and caress my breast.  Licking, sucking, and biting my nipple tenderly.  Enough to let me know she was there to help me achieve the orgasm building up inside of me.  I tilted my head back and let out a moan of approval.  Placing my hand on the back of her head and guiding her up to my face to kiss her passionately.  I shove my tongue into her mouth and then…. well gentleman.

Are there pictures? YES!  Can you see them?  YES!!  Should you call me for the best phone sex and to listen to the rest of the story? YES!