Teen sex is always more fun with an adult that can teach you and discipline you at the same time.

Delve into my sexy teen sex story, to make all you dirty sluts cum! In high school I never really paid attention to my classes, however, I was smart enough that I passed with flying colors. One day one of my teachers, Mr. Marx asked me to see him after class since I was distracted during his lecture. He informed me that it didn’t matter how well I tested, if I can not pay attention to his lectures I would not pass his class. Since I was going to a really expensive private school, I knew that was not a option.

“Please no, I will do anything.” I pleaded, leaning over his desk. My tight skirt had ridden higher up my meaty thighs exposing the crescent shape of my voluptuous bottom. His eyes darted down my shirt. “ That’s quite an offer,” he said with a grin. Realizing I was having an affect on him, I smiled and said, “Yes sir I mean anything”. Leaning back in his chair he glanced me over and said “ You’re a very bad girl Layla. You can get people in trouble.” I popped the top button of my blouse open and seductively told him “It is no trouble.”

Im sure Mr. Marx never even fathomed having teen sex, since it was against policy.

I continued to undo the next couple buttons pausing to ask him if he wanted me to stop. Could tell from his eyes that he desperately needed me to continue and he confirmed that by saying “It is a little late for that now, isn’t it.”  I could see that his cock was now solid in his pants. I told him “No ones needs to know sir” as I kneeled down in front of him. I started to loosen his belt and unzipped his pants while keeping my eyes firmly locked onto his.

Grabbing the elastic band of his shorts I slowly revealed his thick cock which sprang out in front of me. I started by licking the bulbous head of his cock, lapping at the eye to taste his salty pre-cum. His swollen cock started to twitch underneath my fluttering tongue. He threw back his head and gasped as I thrusted his cock deeper into my throat making it challenging to breathe. I could feel he wanted to blow his load in my mouth as I bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock.

Grabbing a handful of hair he pulled my head off of him making my mouth pop off of his saliva coated dick.

He stood me up and whispered in my ear “You’re a fucking dirty slut and now I’m going to treat you like one.” His words made hot juices cover my panties. Gripping the bottom of my skirt he pulled it up around my waist. He grabbed my arms and spun me around pushing me down upon his desk. My nipples instantly came erect as they were forced down against the cold steel of his desk. I knew he could see the wetness that clung to the fabric of my panties.

He slowly began to run his fingers over my covered pussy lips feeling the slickness of the wet juices. He roughly pulled off my panties calmly stating “You need to be quiet slut.” He then reached forward forcing the wet panties into my mouth.  Kneeling down behind me he drove his tongue deep into my slippery hole lapping up the warm liquid that was dripping from me. His rough fingers forcibly gliding in and out of me causing the muscles to contract around them.

I groaned as he started to lick at my puckered asshole.

My cries were muffled against the material in my mouth. “Oh you want my fingers in there do you?” he said with a grin as he shoved his slimy covered fingers deep inside my tight hole.  Positioning himself behind me with his cock in hand he penetrated my slippery cunt. He fucked against the spongy walls of my tight vagina driving himself deep inside me. His grunts grew louder and louder as my sticky fluids continued to coat his cock. Mr Marx was deep into teen sex now.

He then withdrew his liquid soaked cock and pushed the head against my asshole. I let out muffled screams as his cock invaded the inner walls of my ass. He started to build rhythm going deeper and giving me his full length. I could feel him pull my cheeks farther apart to watch his cock disappear inside my ass. The scene was too much for him as he grabbed my hips and pulled me back upon him. He threw his head back and grunted as ropes of hot semen coated the inside of my ass causing me to surrender to my own euphoric orgasm.

He pulled out of me and I began to pull on my panties as he was pulling up his pants.

I could feel the cum seeping out of my ass onto my wet panties. He stated, “ If you continued with your efforts you will for sure pass my class”. As I grabbed the door handle to leave, I turned to him and with a smirk said “How do you think I passed my other classes.” I guess Mr. Marx will have to put teen sex on his resume now. Ha ha ha

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