Teen sex story continuation part 2!

Teen sex story or stories are not really my forte since I mainly do phone sex calls around sissy boys and I love feminization phone sex. However, I do love to write about high school sex because there is something so fucking naughty and fun about using your sex appeal to get what you want, just like I do in this fantasy.

Mr.Sammers arrive on time at the back door of my house. I greeted him while still in my cheer uniform only I had no panties on. My teacher nervously crossed the threshold of the door and looked around. “If you’re looking for my parent’s, they aren’t here,” I said.

Mr.Sammers relaxed and tried to talk his way out of staying. Who was he kidding? He stood there with a visible hard-on so I knew he was just begging for me to make it hard for him to say no. That’s alright though, I liked the game he was playing.

I had him follow me into my bedroom and sat him at my desk. “Here’s my homework and a pen,” I said. He looked surprised since he thought we were gonna fuck. Oh, we were, but I wanted to make him squirm.

I live for a hot teen sex story. Bet you thought I was all about the vanilla! – Jordan

I sat on my bed and opened up my legs, I pulled my vibrator out from under my pillow and started to masturbate with it. Mr.Sammers stared me down while I played. “You should really get all that homework you gave me started Sir,” I said.

Poor Mr.Sammers rushed through the sheets of homework just before I orgasmed. “Hurry! I’m about to cum!” I said through a moan. Mr.Sammers jumped out of the chair and pulled out his rock hard cock. Before I knew it, he jammed every inch into my hungry pussy.

Mr.Sammers fucked my pussy until I squirted my young juices all over his dick. “Don’t cum inside of me, I’m not on the pill, cum all over my tits Sir!” I said between moans. Honestly, I think he was so consumed with the feeling of my pussy squeezing and convulsing around his rod that he blew his load inside of me.

“Sorry, Jordan. I couldn’t help it, you’re pussy is so much tighter than my wife’s I needed to feel it to the end,” He said. “Too fucking bad! You have to clean it out!” I cried. “How am I supposed to do that exactly?” He asked.

You know where I’m going with this…”Eat it out, no my fault you can’t control yourself!”

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