Teen sex flashed across his cell phone screen when I waited for him to notice I was behind him.

Teen sex porn was apparently what Mr.Sammers was in the mood for. Was kinda surprising since the classroom was full of students. “Good video Sir?” I ask. Mr.Sammers blacked out his screen and pocketed his cell. When he turned to face me, he was blushing.

“Alyson, that wasn’t what you think. What can I help you with?” He asked. The look on my face gave away my disbelief to his response. I always had a really huge crush on my teacher, then again who didn’t? Leaning in I whispered, “I’m sure it is what I think, you know maybe I can help you with something too.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Alyson. Let me just help you now.” Mr.Sammers said. “You don’t really have a choice and you do know what I’m talking about. I’ll come back to class at the end of the day.” I said.

My face was hot and my body felt weak. It didn’t show as I walked back to my desk and held his gaze once seated.

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Later that day I found Mr.Sammers waiting for me in his classroom. I told him I usually took the bus home so I would need him to drive me. I laid my trap, I took off my panties earlier and kept my cheerleading skirt on. What a weak man, he couldn’t help taking a look at my milky white thighs.

Watching out of the corner of my eye, I saw him wet his lips. “You wanna lick my pussy? I saw you licking your lips.” I purred. Immediately his eyes went back to focusing on the road. I reached over and squeezed the outlined of his erection. His breathing went ragged as I unzipped him.

His cock was thick and a decent size. My mouth wrapped the fat part of his head and sucked hard. I loved the way his hands pawed at my body like a hungry cat. His finger worried at my clit as I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

Just before he came, I stopped. Sitting up I straightened my clothing and got out of the car I said “Now you know where I live. Be here Friday night at 9 pm if you wanna keep your job.”

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