I love being the little slut. Hell, I was the biggest slut in Catholic school. I guess I enjoyed teasing the male teachers with my sweet body.

Seducing my new young Catholic teacher James was the bet at hand. Something about his good-boy charms and strict ways had me wanting to find a way to crack into his sinful nature. Laying the trap was easy!

Often I would wait after class and make it seem so innocent in my efforts to bond closer to him. I knew my homework, I was a grade-A student and an even better slut. After a few months of trap-making, I felt like James was comfortable enough with me.

Seducing James was like taking candy from a sleeping baby. My skirt was hemmed shorter and I wore my black panties. While we were talking about homework I opened up my legs while he sat across from me. He definitely saw those black panties!

Clearing his throat he shifted to sit next to me so he wouldn’t see. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to see if I could make him falter.  Sure enough, I could see his cock was starting to take shape in his pants. Reaching out I stroked it and kept my eyes locked on his cock.

Pushing my luck, I reached for the zipper and started to pull it down.

If I looked at him, I felt like it might spook him. Before I could reveal his cock, he jumped off the desk and headed for the door. Instead of walking right out, he closed it and closed the shade.

James turned around and gave me a questioning look. “What are you trying to do to me Jordan? Is this a test? Are you trying to get me fired?” He asked. He looked really nervous, I wanted to put him at ease. I laid back on the desk and spread my legs and started to rub my pussy through my panties. “Don’t you wanna play with me?” I asked. God would seduce him really take this much effort?

“Jordan! Stop it, you’re a very pretty girl but you need to stop!” He begged. “Just touch me a little and I’ll leave then… You know you wanna” I cooed. James walked towards me and begged me a final time to leave. Instead, I locked my legs around him. I unzipped his pants and pulled his rock-hard cock out. Precum oozed out of the tip. Oh, I was seducing him hook line and sinker.


I pulled his cock into my mouth and gave him a long slow blowjob and made him weaken his defense. His fingers snaked into my panties and rubbed my clit until I came. What James didn’t know was I planned to have him fuck me without a condom. I wasn’t taking my birth control and planned on getting pregnant so I could blackmail him into taking care of me…find out what happened next!

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