Teen Sex Stories: I Love Hot Tinder Fucking Dates!

For those who have not used Tinder for hookups, you must be living under a rock! I love Tinder for that very reason, and that reason is that I can get cock pretty much any time that I want! For this episode of Carter’s teen sex stories, we will be exploring something that happened the other night! We both have a pregnancy fetish and wanted to do something completely reckless! I had been running through various scenarios on a phone chat line and was dying to try some things out. We were only going to be young once!

As soon as he walked in, it was on. 

He was handsome. Blonde, blue-eyed, ripped. I was already in my bra and panties when I answered the door, and from the look in his eyes when I opened the door, he was about to be in the same boat as I was. He was in a t-shirt and some gym shorts, and as he started looking at me up and down, his cock started to grow inside of his shorts. From what I was seeing, he was very well endowed!

I grabbed him by the hand and led him into my bedroom. I helped him get out of his shorts by getting on my knees and pulling them down seductively while I looked at him. With my hand, I stroked his cock and ran my tongue the entire length of it, pausing on the very tip. Making my way back down, I took his cock down my throat and started sucking it.

He put his hands under my arms and pulled me up to kiss me.

While he was kissing me, he was feeling me up. All of a sudden, he spun me around and bent me over. He grabbed and smacked my ass, then reached down and ripped my panties off. I couldn’t help but giggle at his gesture, but that giggle quickly turned into a moan as I felt him slam into me.

He grabbed my hips and pounded my wet little cunt, driving me crazy.

He teased me by going slow, but when I begged him for more, he did not hesitate to make me feel his big, hard cock filling me up. I could tell he was getting close, so I told him to bust inside of me. He asked if I was sure, and I practically begged him to cum inside of me. He pounded me harder and faster, and I felt him burst inside of me! I moaned as I felt his cum fill up my insides. He pulled out and I turned around. I cleaned his cock with my tongue and sucked the last little drop of cum from his cock. I can’t help but be a hungry little cum whore!

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