Pregnancy Fetish: I Want Your Seed Inside of Me!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting fucked when there is a risk of getting pregnant. After all, having a pregnancy fetish is really fucking sexy. Don’t lie, admit that you love the idea of fucking a girl then busting your load inside of her, hoping to knock her up. Don’t worry guys, the same thing turns me on too, and gets my panties soaked just thinking about it! I bet your cock is getting hard just reading this sexy little posts, learning all about my taboo little kink. (;

You see, another thing that turns me on is fucking while pregnant.

I would love to have tons of hot, unprotected sex while you fill me all the way up with your cum. I want to have a baby inside of me, and still be fucking hot and heavy! We don’t have to stop just because your baby is in there. As soon as I have the kid, let’s get another one in there. I want to be your own personal little cum whore. ;D

So cum on, baby. Pull down those pants and pull out that yummy cock. Let me get it all ready by sucking on it, making it nice and hard for me. Let me get on my hands and knees and shove my cute little ass in the air.

These tight, glistening little pussy lips are ready to stretch open for your deliciously hard cock! Tease my little cunt. (;

Force your cock inside of me. Grab my hips and pound your cock harder and further into me, getting closer and closer with every thrust. When you bust inside of me, I want to feel it fill me up inside. I want to feel it drip out of my wet little pussy.

That is my ultimate fantasy. I want you to fill me up with your seed. Get my knocked up baby. That is the ultimate turn on. ;D


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