Your cock seems to get extremely stiff at the thought of hot teen sex stories. I’ve noticed the uncanny affection for those cute bratty teens.  You are well aware that I love nothing better than to use those little teen cunts.  I cant wait to teach them what their purpose in life is. So tonight you’ve called me and asked for a huge favor, and you know nothing about me comes without a price. Knowing that my house is the party house, you beg me to get a few of those spoiled teens over offering a smoke and chill party.  You agree to purchase all the liquor and weed so you know I am all in.

The teen sex stories started as soon as the invitation was accepted!

Let’s make our own teen sex stories tonight.  We’ve planned to make sure you arrive at my house before the girls; they don’t know that my little pervert is hosting this barely legal event.  You make it just in time to hide in my bedroom and peep from the window. Their car pulls up and three tiny, cute underage girls get out.  I invite them in and make them comfortable with strong drinks, pot filled edibles and enough joints to smoke out California. The night was off to a great start.

Now they come with their questions!

We were all pretty high and had a great buzz going on when they start asking when more people will be arriving.  I ignored the questions at first.  Then finally telling them they are early, so enjoy the party favor (spiking their drinks more). They giggle and continue to drink and get high from the free booze and weed. After a few drinks and the loss of ability to drive on their own, I take the keys and enlighten that no one else is coming.  Locking all the doors, I let them know they will be staying for the night.  Here is where you come out of the bedroom and help me subdue them.  Now is where your wildest fantasies come to life.

Let’s have our way with them!

We bind them and enjoy corrupting each one of their young sweet bodies while the other 2 watched.  I love watching you taking their virginity with your thick cock.  You have been dying for me to be your naughty accomplice and here I am delivering just as promised.  If you are looking for the perfect playmate to act out all of your taboo age play sex stories and fantasies, then you have come to the right place.  You’ll get just the right amount of wickedness to spice up your naughty fantasy.  You have tried the rest now come play with the best.

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