Teen sex stories are such a great memory and past time. In fact, I wish I could go back to those moments in time just so I could relive them, or put a spin on a certain playtime.

Teen sex stories with me always involve one of two things. One, I’m not of age, hence the title! Two, I almost always seduce the adult male in my stories. Something about turning a well-behaved man with strict morals into a pussy hungry deviant who just can’t say no to me. Probably why I love teen phone sex so much!

I was at my friend Lydia’s house one evening, she lived next door and her folks had just bought a new hot tub. Her father was home but in bed early. Lydia and I had been playing with makeup all night and dishing about boys we liked at school.

After we had our fill of fun inside, Lydia asked me if I wanted to see the new hot tub. Of course, I wanted to but I had no swimsuit and she didn’t have an extra. Feeling daring, I decided to just get in naked.

Lydia thought it would be fun to also sneak a few beers in since her folks always said it relaxed them when they soaked.

We had been splashing around and feeling a little light headed from the beers. I didn’t realize we had been so loud that we woke up Lydia’s father. He stood in the doorway half awake asking what we were doing. Startled, I turned around, he got a full view of my young naked body.

Her father turned away and told us it was late and to keep it down. I was very embarrassed and told Lydia I just wanted to go back in the house. Once inside I redressed and tried to go to sleep. I felt this rush when thinking about Kydia’s father seeing me naked.

My liquid courage was still working. I crawled out of bed and snuck into her father’s room. He was still awake when I walked in. Clearly, he was stroking his cock under the covers and stopped immediately. He asked why I was in his room.

“I just wanted to say sorry for waking you up earlier and see if you were angry,” I said.

This is where the meat of a teen sex stories typically get hot! Hell, I’m hot just telling it! “Aly, you need to go back to bed. It’s not appropriate for you to be in my room and dressed like that,” he said. “Dressed like what? You like me naked better? My panties are getting wet just laying in bed thinking of you touching me though,” I confessed.

“You know you wanna feel how wet I am, that’s why your cock is so hard right now,” I said. “Come on, just feel my panties Mr.Abrahms,” Turning around I bent forward a little so his finger could stroke the back of my pantie covered pussy. He did hesitate, but sure enough, he touched my pussy!

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