Daddies good girl, that is what I was always referred to when people were around. Even mom used to call me

daddies good girl. I have to say I kinda hated that. I wasn’t always perfect nor was I always daddies good girl. My slutty bad girl streak was reserved for those who deserved it. The thing of it is I was a dirty little slut for pay. Once out of class I would change into something tasty for my clients.

Nobody knew what I was up to or knew that I had a stack of cash saved up. After class I had a date arranged with an older man that I saw often. He loved when I dressed younger then my age. After our “date”  I stood out in the ally and burned a cigarette.

“How much?” I heard the familiar voice ask. Tossing my smoke onto the ground I scanned the ally, I couldn’t find the mystery voice anywhere. Chills ran down my back, I turned and started to walk down the ally. Before I knew it a hand covered my mouth.

My face touched the cold brick wall of the ally. My skirt was ripped up and my pussy was pushed into roughly. Thankfully my pussy was full of my last clients cum. His cock slid in with ease. The man spoke in my ear as he pummeled his cock in and out. My clients cum dripped down my legs.

I started to piece together who it was fucking me. Every time I tried to look at him he would fuck harder and told me to stop moving. Over and over he called me a lying little slut, that he was gonna teach me a lesson. It was wrong but my pussy started to burn with a need from this man.

My ass pushed back onto him trying to get closer. “You dirty little bitch! You gonna fuck your daddy’s cock like a little whore?” He asked. Brows knitted together in confusion as I put it all together. OMG my father was fucking me! Daddy pulled his cock out of my pussy and yanked me onto the ground.

His cum spilled into my mouth. Fighting to get away from him was useless since he was much stronger then I was. I gagged on his cock and choked for air. Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and tucked himself away.

“Don’t be late for dinner Alyson. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on you missy.” Daddy walked away as if nothing happened. He never did come to me again like that.


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