What Happens When You Tease The Guy Next Door For Teen Sex?

Do you remember the not-so-innocent days of teen sex?  Yes, I said not-so-innocent teen sex.  We all remember those fleeting secret memories of sneaking over to a guy’s house for some extra fun instead of studying for the next day’s exams.  I’m sure you remember those days fondly like cheap phone sex.

I’ll never forget that summer.  A new family moved in next door.  I eagerly craned my neck to check out who they could be and what were they like.  I spotted an average family dad, mom, two daughters, and a barking dog.  Leaning back somewhat disappointed, I went back to my attempts at study.  Then I heard a not-so-fatherly male voice asking his parents why they had to move to this yuppy neighborhood.  Craning my neck out the window I saw a hot guy standing with his parents.  He was blonde, had a fairly toned body.  He looked to be eighteen or so.  Then he looked up and spotted me.  Our eyes locked and we exchanged a smile. I nodded my greeting and ducked my head inside.

I’m sure those of you who engaged in some erotic age play phone sex, are thinking older guy, a hot young teen, with raging hormones.  What else could result but teen sex right?  Well, it started off innocently enough.  Our families met.  He was granted permission to visit.  A little flirting a little peak at the chest and muscles and an occasional pinch to the bottoms led to something more enticing.  One day my hot neighbor guy paid a visit.  My parents were going to a party and my siblings were with their friends.  The opportunity was so golden.

He came in and we talked about this and that.  He sidled close to me on the couch as we talked.  I was wearing white shorts that afternoon.  I could feel his body close to mine and his hands lightly caressing my legs.  So I would normally have moved away but the feel of his fingers along my skin made my body shiver with longing and anticipation.  He leaned in and kissed my neck.  His hands went under my shorts and started to play with my pussy.  The cute neighbor guy sure didn’t waste any time.  This was all so new to me I had no idea about teen sex except from other friends.  What did one do during teen sex to get started?  I guess this was how it was supposed to be.  At that point, I was so horny I didn’t care.

My pussy was so wet by this time, his fingers slid easily into my wet depths.  I moaned and parted my legs to give him more access.  I playfully touched the bulge on his pants.  Then I squeezed and wrapped my hand around his penis.  He took it out of his zipper.  His swollen dick was purple and wet.  I started to squeeze his cock with my hands.  He hissed in pleasure bucking my hand.  I pulled down my shorts climbed on his lap and guided his stiff shaft into my waiting hole.  We cried out grabbing one another as we rocked up and down.  I never knew this cute dude could say some of the things he said while I fucked him!  This would go down as one of my most memorable teen sex experiences.

It was getting so hot in here!  I just wanted this moment to freeze with his cock stuck in me.  I wanted to feel my hips bouncing, his hands caressing, his lips teasing my skin.  My teen body wanted to learn everything through this tactile show and tell that he could teach me!  I learned so much that day and beyond!

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