Teen seduces stepdad Hot new role play idea

Here’s a hot new role play idea for those that think incest is just a bit too taboo for them. Teen seduces stepdad. Your not really her dad and she’s not really your daughter but close enough. It’s a bit taboo still but not to over the top. And you did nothing wrong because she came on to YOU, right? I like it then again I’m big into teasing and seduction. If I can just get you to break and surrender to me that’s all it would take to make me hot. The first few days I got your attention were because of the clothes I was wearing. I know they were a bit slutty but how else am I suppose to get the attention I deserve.

The more you get on to me for wearing them the more I can see it’s bothering you. And why is it bothering you? Because you can’t help but to look and that makes YOU want ME. Now that I know this about you I will use to my advantage. I’ll wear the clothes more often and I’ll even kick it up a bit. Mom works late so I think I’ll wear something sexy to bed. Should I steal something from mom’s drawers or should I just walk around in your t shirt and panties. Lets just say it is enough to make you uncomfortable. Just looking at me make you feel like your cheating. Because looking at me makes you feel like a pervert and makes you think naughty.

Say Yes you know you want me

I make the move that suddenly makes this all too real. You try and run out of the room but I grab your hand and pull you back. I whisper in your ear “it’s okay, I won’t bite unless you tell me too.” The only problem is you want me too. My gentle touch makes you see my sensual side but it’s all a part of the seduction. I kiss you, I shove you down and straddle you. Even though you want me to stop you don’t want me to stop. There is dry humping, grinding, lots of kissing and touching. You try and say the words stop but it feels too damn good so you give in to me. My mouth slides further down and now your cock is coming out of your pants. I stroke you into my mouth, don’t I suck you better than mommy?

After you cum in my mouth we retire for the night. The next morning you and mom are in the kitchen drinking coffee. You can’t even look at me but I can’t take my eyes off you. The awkwardness forces to leave the room but I follow you out stopping you in the living room. I push you against the wall to kiss you while you try pushing me off you. Your only afraid of getting caught. But I am not taking no for an answer. My hands go inside your pants and I’m stroking you. Your a bit nervous because we are just a few feet away from mom but you love how goof it feels when I touch you. I drop down and stick your cock in my mouth. Your getting a blowjob while mom is just in the other room.

Tight young teen seduces stepdad

Later that night I sneak into your bedroom and while mom is asleep I suck your cock right next to her. I cross many lines over the next few weeks. Always coming for you when she is around. I even snuck under the dinner table and sucked your cock there. But I’m ready to go further than I have before. I’m ready to fuck you in daring places. Want to play in the forbidden zone, call m for the best ageplay phone sex. Lets let our age play sex stories run free and explore. You know you to explore tight young teens. Teen seduces stepdad will one sexy role play. Read all of my fantasy sex stories here.