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Fantasy sex stories are so arousing for phone sex operators like me who do the absolutely best phone sex on the internet. Of course, I work at PhoneSexKingdom which is the best site. I love all kinds of fetish phone sex like PFF, Phallic Fruit Fetish.  Which considering how fruit and veggies have that perfect firm but not hard feel to them women love. I can only imagine how the wet firm flesh must feel to a cock. PFF must fit better than a glove when a man forces his cock in one.

The more taboo phone sex fetishes like age play phone sex is such a turn on. I love to remember the feel of a powerful cock ripping its way into my tiny pussy. How helpless and fragile I felt. Arousing in a different way but just as effectively a turn on is when I am the dominating one, forcing men to do my bidding. Though when I am the older one. Especially when I am imposing my will on a younger man, or boy. Oh, such powerful sensations run through me.


Of course, there is the forbidden idea of fucking animals in bestiality stories. What I wish I had the courage to try in reality. LOL, or thinking about the pure fantasy sex stories like superpowers, magic, espionage, or any combination of them can be so stimulating.  To be strictly honest as a MILF I am at my sexual peak. LOL, I cum so easily thinking, talking, while I play with my tight hot wet pussy that I love my job at the kinkiest phone sex operator making you cum.

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