My sweet teen neighbor Brian has been nothing but a joy to fuck.

Brian has learned so much since we first met last spring. Not only can he eat my pussy until I squirt but also, built stamina within himself. Allowing his teen cock to fuck me for hours on end. Comparatively, Brian doesn’t come close to the lover my husband Dave is. But he’s still a great fuck with hope he’ll become even better with experience. For this reason, my husband and I were talking about a teen lover cuckold. What better way to teach Brian than to have him watch my sexy hubby fucking me. My teen lover has walked in on Dave and me fucking. Which has always caused us to cum shortly after, making Brian eat my cum filled cunt.

To point out, my husband loves that Brian fucks me while he’s out of town on business.

Dave likes when I explain in detail how Brian fucked me. I’ll tell him exactly how my young lover eats my pussy. He lays on his belly between my legs, lapping his pointy tongue up the slit of my pussy. While grabbing ahold of my clit with his lips, beating it with his tongue until he feels me swelling. He’ll slide 2 fingers in my soaking wet cunt, stimulating me even more. Making my body quiver as I scream “Brian, you’re going to make me squirt baby, don’t stop!” His fingers and tongue work faster until he feels my girl gush filling his mouth. Ahh, the pride he shows on his face after making me cum is so endearing. After all, he’s just a teen boy who’s learned how to satisfy my insatiable pussy.

When Dave and I started planning our teen lover cuckold, we had many new lessons in mind for him.

All in all Brian is very respectful, knowing what he is to me…my boy toy. Yet, Dave wanted him to watch as he fucked me, to really appreciate my married pussy. When inviting Brian over for our teen lover cuckold, he had no clue. All I asked was he wear the red bikini panties I gave him months before. My young lover is 5’8″ around 160 lbs, shaggy blonde hair, toned body with an 8″ cock. Dave on the other hand is 6’2″, 190 lbs, dark brown hair, sexy body with a 9 1/2″ cock. I can’t wait to see their naked bodies side by side. I met Brian at the swimming pool the day of our teen lover cuckold, wearing a sexy white bikini. Immediately noticing his growing cock jerking underneath his swim trunks.

I couldn’t help but to pull down his shorts, running my fingernails over the bulge in his red panties.

Grabbing ahold of his cock, I brought my lips to the tip, tasting the pre cum oozing out. At the same time my husband walked out to the pool, surprising my teen lover cuckold. As soon as he saw Dave, there was a nervous look on Brians face. I explained to him Dave and I have something sexy planned for the 3 of us. Which calmed him down, making his dick hard again. I dropped down between my 2 lovers, wrapping my hands around each of their cocks. Mmm, such a beautiful sight it was. Stroking them as I rolled their throbbing heads around one another. Feeling both growing rock hard in my hand. Without delay I started sucking Daves cock while Brian watched. My husband told him to jerk his dick while watching me suck cock.

We wanted Brian up close and personal, smelling my sweet cunt taking Dave’s cock.

He followed Dave and I to our bedroom, where my young lover has fucked me numerous times. I climbed up on the bed, spreading my legs as I propped my pussy and ass up. Dave asked Brian, “do you enjoy fucking my sexy wife Brian?” His quick response made my husband laugh. Of course you like fucking her pretty, tight pussy boy. Now it’s time to watch me fuck her. It’s time you watch and learn exactly how my wife needs to be fucked Brian. I instructed my teen lover cuckold to lay down on his back, with his head underneath my juicy pussy. Dave slapped the head of his cock over my wet hole before he slid into me. My husband started thrusting hard, banging his cock inch by inch as Brian watched him filling my pussy full.

I was pushing my naked body down on Dave’s cock, fucking him hard while Brian watched.

He heard me moaning and groaning, begging Dave to fuck me harder. Our bodies were sweaty, slapping into each other. I told Brian to suck on my clit while Dave’s fucking me. He did just that, while feeling my husbands full balls hitting his face. They both made my pussy feel so fucking good. I was dripping wet when I felt Brian lick around my cock filled hole. His young cock was jolting, soaking his stomach with strings of pre cum. Dave grabbed me by my neck, pulling my body back to his as he began to choke me. My body started shaking with ecstasy before I screamed, I’m going to cum! Brian clamped down on my clit as Dave pounded me harder.

I told our teen lover cuckold to watch Dave’s cock as he makes me cum.

That’s when I lost it, soaking his dick with my cunt juices. Just then I felt my husband lose his load deep inside my pussy. He continued to pump, squirting our cum all over Brians cute face. As he slid his cock out of me, he directed Brian to clean the cum out of my pussy. He did without hesitation, recieving a big kiss from his married MILF.


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