Today is your day! It is your next session with me. Nothing as fun as Teen Goddess Chastity Control is happening for you this week. I can tell by the look on your face how excited you are right now. The anticipation of me putting you in that cage, locking your cute little pecker up. Similar to Bratty Princess JOI, I get to be a naughty bitch, and that is fun!

It is thrilling to provide you with my exceptional services. My tight teen pussy is getting wet just thinking about you sporting “The Vice.” Sadly, due to your tiny cock, we are using the mini version. Currently, you have the smallest dick I am getting to lock up. Furthermore, you are the biggest loser I know.

This Teen Goddess Chastity Control event is going to be awesome!

Start undressing now. You are going to get completely naked and sit down on the reclining chair I have ready. I need you fully exposed to lock you in the mini vice. Are you wondering why I choose The Vice? You see, this cock cage is inescapable. Therefore, you can not slip out of it, no matter how itty bitty your little pickle gets.

We both know I am privy to how minuscule that dick gets when it is soft. In reality, you have a clit at that point. As I am telling you time and time again, you have a clit all the time. So it is appropriate to lock it up in chastity. What use is a clit for you? You are so small, jerking off only requires your thumb and forefinger. Yep, you are a total loser.

Good grief, you are incredibly enthusiastic today.

You obviously are in need of my teen goddess chastity control tonight. Have you had a bad week, my little bitch? Wife riding your ass for letting her down too much? I personally can’t imagine being married to you. If I were, you would live in lockdown twenty four hours a day. Then I would bring in REAL men to fuck me in front of you.

I am still too young to be married to anyone, especially an idiot like you. Okay, let’s get you in this fucking cage. The original Vice is much bigger, but with that itty bitty dick, we don’t need it. Your prick is so little I want to treat it like a cute puppy, but then I wouldn’t feel right putting it in chastity, so instead, it is a disgusting little appendage on your body.

That makes your teen goddess chastity control and humiliation so much better.

Oh my, are you getting a boner baby? Or attempting to get one? I can’t help laughing out loud at your clit getting hard. Okay, first is the cock ring, I have the locking pin in place, so I am sliding it on first. Then putting your dick in this section, I will put the anti-slip part into place around it. Lastly, an unpickable padlock is a final piece.

Don’t you look pathetic, all locked up and unable to get off? I love this so much. Now, get out of that chair. I want you on your knees and looking up at me. Sliding my sexy young leg over your shoulder, I want you to please me. Start eating this teen pussy and make sure I get off so hard I squirt.

Move it, loser! Don’t move so slowly, or I will find a way to punish you.

Oh, and you can’t use your hands. You are only using your lips and tongue. Put your hands behind your back as if I am handcuffing them. If you slip up and use them, I am locking them in cuffs. Move it, bitch, I am ready to cum! Just know our fun tonight is giving me more to use for my humiliation phone sex. Getting off helping other losers realize how pitiful they are is fucking hot!

Someone is knocking at the door. Who could it be? I forgot to tell you we have a couple of guests tonight. Since you are unable to please me truly, I have two sexy hunks with huge dicks coming to play with us. Don’t look scared; this is going to be epic!


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