Oh my gosh, do you have a hard-on? You are so creepy. What is wrong with you? Why would I give you my Bratty Princess JOI when you are such a freak. Everything about you screams pervert weirdo! Hence, I see the way you are looking at my boobs. You wish you could touch them, don’t you? Too bad I wouldn’t let you, even with a 10-foot pole! I like hot guys that are cool.

Above all, nothing about you is cool. You wear ugly clothes that are so out of style. Why don’t you get in this decade dipshit? It isn’t that hard to dress in the current style. Maybe, if you did that, you could land a real woman. Wait, they don’t turn you on like me. My sexy little tits and ass are your kryptonite. When you see my perfect young hands all you think about is them wrapped around you pathetic dick.

God, you are so disgusting! You don’t deserve Bratty Princess JOI!

Maybe, to be nice, I can slide my bra strap off my shoulder and let you catch a tiny glimpse of my boob. Ewwww, it is like you are a dog drooling. So fucking gross! Why should I help you? What do I get for it, nothing but the nasty view of your cock? Yuck! Because no girl wants to see that. I love providing Bratty Princess JOI to guys that are deserving. Too bad that isn’t you! One thing that really gets me wet is sharing an incest sex story with callers. I bet you are curious to hear that, you freak.

Look, your sad, ugly face makes me feel bad for you, a little bit. Maybe if you stay on your side of the room, I could help you out with Bratty Princess JOI, maybe. It is possible I will puke but I am willing to try just to help you out. Furthermore, you can’t be near me and have to do EVERYTHING I say! If I give you a command, you have to do it or I stop. Do you agree to these terms?

If you do agree, we can have a Bratty Princess JOI session.

Good, now we can start. Do NOT touch your ugly pecker until I give you permission loser! I am your Princess and you will obey my every command. Start by pulling down your pants and boxers. God, I hope you wear boxers and not those disgusting tidy whitey underwear. They are only for the worst of losers. Real men wear boxers or boxer briefs. Oh my God, you are wearing them! Ewwwww….

Next time, if there is a next time, you better have on boxers or boxer briefs. Certainly, I have limits to what I can handle when I provide Bratty Princess JOI. When it comes to teen phone sex, I am one of the very best out there. So, consider yourself lucky you get to spend time with me, you weirdo! Many want to, but only those I allow are chosen to play.

Wow, that is one tiny dick you have there!

Consequently, I am so glad I am not touching it. So, start by touching the inside of your thighs and imagine my petite little hands sliding along your skin. Oh, look at your cock dance, you like that. Now, massage that tiny little ball sack and enjoy how good your hand feels on them. Take your other hand and wrap it around your mini pecker. Feel the rough skin on your palm as it rubs that soft penis skin.

Feels good, doesn’t it? Slowly use your hand to squeeze and massage your dick. Go from the base to the tip. If any precum leaks out, use the other hand, slide a finger over the tip and lick off that precum. With my Bratty Princess JOI, I will make you do things you may not like, but they make my young little pussy tingle, so fucking do it! Good, now I want you to twist your hand as you go up and down your weiner.

Do you like it so far? Of course, you do, I am fucking AMAZING BITCH!

Now, suck on one of your fingers and slide just the tip into your ass. Mmmmm…very good, that should get you really hard. The first time trying it, well you will do it every time from now on. Stoke it fast as I take off my bra and panties for you to see what is underneath. Oh, you like my body, don’t you? Look at these tight little boobs as you work your ugly penis. Want to hear more about this and cum with me…..


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