It sounds like some severe hardcore BDSM material. If you’ve ever looked up ‘teen girl forced orgasm’ porn, you may have seen women strapped to boards. Then add a vibrating wand strapped to their thighs. I’ve experienced that level of intense playtime, but it doesn’t have to be as rough as porn suggests. A teen girl forced orgasm means a power transfer exists. I’m not sure which is hotter: the orgasm or the relinquishing of control.

Please, Don’t Make Me Beg… (Although I’ll Totally Beg)

It must be fairly obvious by now that I present as a natural submissive. If playing in a BDSM scene, I feel most comfortable on my knees. Once I receive instructions, then I get to prove how well I engage with the dominant and their requests. In the thick of a scene, a hard leaning submissive (such as myself) thrives on two words: “Good girl.” If I’m pushed to my emotional and physical limit, those two words tip my teen girl forced orgasm right over the edge. Guaranteed.

Daddy… You Can Be The Boss

Like the Lana Del Rey song, Daddy – you can be the boss during my teen girl forced orgasm. There are a couple of things you should know about using the word “Daddy.” First, when I call you “Daddy,” it doesn’t mean things are going to skew toward incest. Next, we don’t have to get ageplay involved. To be fair, ageplay naturally occurs because most men who fuck me happen to be older. Men quite like to fuck my tight, teen pussy, so it all works out really!

Finally, I love playing up the part of your innocent slut. I’m very much different from your ordinary dirty talking wife. Daddy, I guess I don’t know any better than to beg for your cum on my tongue. And when Daddy says he expects a teen girl forced orgasm from me after he gets home from work, I know to be naked on the bed for him.

Teen Girl Forced Orgasm

Now that we’ve established that a Daddy/Dom(inant) takes control of my body in my fantasy playtime, let’s dive deeper into softcore/hardcore teen girl forced orgasm. First, can you imagine what it feels like to lash a black nylon rope around my wrists and ankles and tie me to the bed? Next, you locate toys to use on my body – unless you prefer to use your big hands on my soft skin only. Finally, expect me to whimper and whine.

“Daddy, please! Don’t tease me with the vibrator. I need your cock!”

If you tie me down and force me to come repeatedly, I’ll cry and shake but beg to suck and fuck, gag and ride your cock. You may even get me to admit that I’m a slutty little thing. However, if you tie up my tight little body and force orgasms out of my slick, pink pussy using a toy or machine while you leave the room, I’ll only cry! I want to show you that I can take it!

“Please, Daddy, use my young little body while I come and squirt all over this toy! Look at how my tits bounce for you. Am I good girl? Yes?! Daddy – I’m gonna come!”

Of course, I’m always down for a gentle finger fucking while Daddy licks my pussy and doesn’t let me get up until I’ve come on his tongue three or four times, too.


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