Young Teen Forced Fucked By Her Stalker

I am always oblivious to my surroundings, always walked like I owned the world. At that time I did, I owned my perfect little world. Painted in pink and sparkles. I was the head cheerleader, I was dating the hottest jock in school and I had the wits to be top of my class. Everyone loved me, and those who hated me, just did it because they wanted to be me. It was that reason why I never saw him coming. There I was, just a teen forced fucked in a dirty dingy bathroom and I am ashamed to say that I liked it.

It was really late when I decided to go for a run, the weather was just perfect for it. The crisp winter air was just what I needed to finish another perfect day. The closest park to me was poorly lit but it was right around the corner from my house, what could possibly go wrong. As I begin to jog I noticed someone sitting in a red car, I thought I must have been going crazy, that same car was at practice. It was just a coincidence I thought and I kept picking up the pace, catching my stride with every step.

How did I end up just a teen forced fucked in the bathroom?

It was almost time for me to head home but I needed to drink some water. The fountains were right by the bathrooms so I decided to go into a stall and release my bladder. I heard someone come in. Obviously, I didn’t think much of it, though I had not seen anyone running. Still, I did not think anything bad, until my door was jerked hard and opened. I pulled up my running shorts and just said: “excuse me?”. It was a guy, he must have been from school as he was wearing a school hoodie.

“I’m sorry, can you please excuse me, I need to leave now,” I said in an almost desperate voice. He did not move, instead, he moved in closer, and closer. This is when I panicked and told him if he got any closer I would scream. Just like that, without hesitation he grabbed me, it all happened so fast. One hand covering my mouth and the other pulling my clothes off, touching my pussy and rubbing it. That’s when I knew I’d be a teen forced fucked and there was nothing I could do about it.

He came prepared, this was premeditated. He pulled out a gag and stuffed it in my mouth, zip tied my arms back and pulled down my running shorts. Once he had complete control that’s when I knew who he was, he was that guy in school who had always had a crush on me, all my friends would call him my stalker and now he was getting exactly what he wanted. My stalker pulled his cock out and rubbed it on my thighs. He bent me over the toilet and shoved it deep inside me.

Fast and hard. Didn’t stop and even though I wanted to scream, and be terrified, everything became pleasure at some point.

My soaking wet cunt craved his cock now. Maybe it was because no one had forced me before, the mixture of pleasure and pain made everything so much more exhilarating. He pulled my back and leaned in, “I knew you’d love my cock, I can feel you cumming on it.” he said. He wasn’t lying. It was like I couldn’t control myself, my pussy juices were dripping down my thighs and then, I felt a warm gush of cum deep inside me. As soon as he was done he cut open the zip tie and vanished. I stood there in the public bathroom, pussy filled with cum, still wanting more.

The next morning the first person I saw in school was him. There he is in the cafeteria, eating his breakfast. A part of me wishing it never happened and the other wishing he would just bend me over the table and fuck me again. From then on, it became a game, a teen forced fucked game. Every night, my stalker would fuck me, fill me up and leave me to walk home alone with a pussy full of his cum.

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