Anal Sex In My Halloween Costume

Trick or treating isn’t just for the younglings. Oh no! I enjoy dressing up and going door to door too. Why? Halloween is the only day in the year where a girl can dress like a complete slut and no one will think much of it. Last year I was a little kitty. I looked smoking hot in my tight little black outfit, with my whiskers pantied on and headband with cat ears. And of course I went out on that chilly night and my first and only stop was with my next-door neighbor. Only he could give me the anal sex I was craving.

I rang his doorbell and help my pumpkin up. When he came to the door I asked whether he was going to give me a treat or I would have to be mischevious. What you don’t know is that my neighbor and I have a history, but since he decided to mend things with his wife he hadn’t been looking for me. That was going to change! I knew he wasn’t going to resist me all dressed up. He pulled me in and without telling me a word bent me over his entryway.

He kneeled down and started eating my pussy from behind.

It all happened so fast but I didn’t care, I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Before I knew it I was pressed up against the wall and he was fucking my ass. All the sex stories did not do justice to the real thing. I felt his cock stretch my tight little butthole. Though it hurt a tiny bit I couldn’t help but get soaking wet. All my juices were dripping down my thighs. My hot neighbor kept whispering in my ear just how fucking good I looked and how naughty I was. Then, he filled me up.

I loved feeling his cock twitch inside my ass. The treat I got that early night was a thick creamy load and it all happened while his wife was upstairs getting ready for a busy night of trick or treaters.

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