Anal Sex With My Tinder Date

Last week I talked about how I begin loving playing with my tight teen ass, but now you have to know just how much I crave anal sex. Though I love meeting guys at parties or bars I’ve been on Tinder for a few months now. It’s a great way to meet single, sexy men in my area ready to do nasty things to me. But this past weekend I met someone that might just have changed my mind about having sex with the same man more than once.

I was a bit nervous about my date, it wasn’t necessarily a blind date but you know never if the picture matches the person. To my surprise, my tinder date looked better than his profile. We chitchatted for a bit but all we could think about was getting to his place. When we did it didn’t take long for me to get butt naked. Like a good little college slut, I got on my knees and started sucking his thick cock.

Once he was rock hard it was his turn to please me, and he sure knew how to work his tongue.

Once I was soaking wet he bent me over. I felt him rub his cock up against my slit but to my surprise, he started pushing into my tight little asshole. Of course, I didn’t stop him. I beg him to push it in more, and more. I wanted him to stretch me out! While he was pounding me I started playing with my swollen clit and soon enough I came hard. He didn’t stop though. He kept fucking my ass until he gave me a nice thick creampie. As soon as he left my place I received a text from him asking for a second date and I said yes!

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