Winter really brings out the thought of my favorite teen fetish fantasy for furries play.

I’ve always loved stuffed animals as and kid and have carried that love with me into my adulthood. I had stuffed animals everywhere when I was younger. All sizes, not just the small cutesy ones either I had a small collection of huge stuffed animals as well. This started my teen fetish fantasy and thoughts of fussy love.

It’s similar to my love for thigh high stockings and full on pantyhose. To me, it’s just like this if the sensation of touching sends quivers down your body and makes that cunt wet then it needs to be explored. My same thought process a couple of years ago at a younger age. Winter is here again and there is a furry fantasy that I think about every winter.

When it’s cold and the fireplace is going, combined with all of the snugglings. If it is done with someone else or myself, those fantasies start swirling around in my head. Over and over almost non-stop making my body feel as good as the day the fantasy popped into my head.

It would start off with my favorite male teacher and a group of my girlfriends.

Everyone dressed in their furries with the crotch cut out and mouths exposed. Hey, I love using my mouth when sexual activity is taking place. We will all be dancing and bouncing around just having fun and doing just a little touching to stimulate each other.

Us girls will then start to suck on the teacher while he’s in the furry. Rubbing his balls and sucking his cock while his mouth and face will be creamed like a glazed donut by all of the pussy in the room. Some of the girls would lay on our backs and other positions while he fucks us and some of the other girls will be scissoring each other or creaming each other’s faces.

Of course, everyone will enjoy each other sexually with the soft sensation of the furry the just keep everyone turned on for hours. Then everyone would pass out from all of the cumming that had taken place. The next day it would be as if nothing had happened.

How did you like our little trip down memory lane? What are some naughty fantasies you used to have when you were younger? You know that will be the best fetish phone sex to have. Us traveling down memory lane together. Don’t forget to check out my other blogs as well as my SoundCloud.

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