Sabrina Loves A Young and Hard Teen Boy!

My dear husband had been out of town for about a week and of course,  that was exactly the time that my car needed repairs.   As much as I would have loved to wait for hubby to deal with that when he came home, I knew that I should really get off my pretty ass and take it to the shop right away. Little did I know I was to meet the teen boy of my dreams! 

I made sure to dress just the right way for a nice discount.  I wore my black halter dress and my sexiest black heels, put on some bright red lipstick and went to see Jeff, the shop owner.  He saw me pull up and immediately ran over to open my door for me.  I love making men work hard for me. I made sure he got a nice look between my legs as I stepped out of the car.  He was flustered as usual, smiling and looking me over and not trying to hide his lust at all.  I smiled sweetly and seductively at Jeff and even placed my hand on his shoulder ever so casually when I said hello to him.  His face immediately turned pale and if his cock had a bell on it, I’m sure it would sound loudly as it crashed up against his pants.

There was no time for small talk, so we got down to business.  The transmission needed to be rebuilt, it could take up to ten hours of labor, blah, blah, blah.  NOT what I wanted to hear.  When we got to the estimate, I sweetly let Jeff know that I really only wanted to pay about half of the amount he quoted and he laughed loudly and said, “Well anything for my favorite customer!”  I gave him my most delighted giggle, threw my arms around his neck and gave him a tight squeeze making sure that my tits pressed right into his chest.  This time, I was really able to feel how much Jeff liked me.  I felt it right against my thigh.  What a girl won’t do for a discount!

Jeff offered to have his nephew drive me home in the company car.  He was new around the shop and he needed something to do anyway.  Jeff called him over and I’m sure my jaw dropped when I laid eyes on him.

I think he was the sexiest teen boy I’d ever seen in my life.  He was about 6’2, athletic build with great forearms, dark blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and the sexiest lips I’ve ever seen on a man.  When he smiled at me, his teeth were perfect.  He very politely agreed to drive me home and jogged over to grab the keys from the office.  I watched him, mesmerized.  Jeff asked me a question but I didn’t hear a word of it,  I just mumbled some sort of reply.  I couldn’t wait to be alone in the car with the teen boy.

He opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in.  He got in the driver’s seat, started the car and very business-like, proceeded to pull out of the car lot.

“Which way, ma’am?” he asked.  Now, ordinarily, I might be a little annoyed by being called “ma’am” but when teen boy said it, I liked it.   I gave him directions, alright.  But not to my house.  I knew of a commercial building that was closed down but it had a very secluded parking area in back.  He was confused when we arrived at the building.  “Just pull out to the back… behind the building, please.”  I instructed.

He looked over at me and his eyes widened a little.  Now teen boy was catching on.  He pulled into the back of the building, stopped the car and turned off the motor.  He leaned back in his seat and looked over at me.  “How old are you?”  I asked.  “I just turned 18.” he replied.   I nodded and smiled, reached over and began to unbuckle his belt.  “Oh, ma’am…” he moaned, “are you going to….?”  I didn’t feel an inclination to explain, really.  I simply pulled his cock out of his pants and gave it a few light strokes.  It was rock hard already and I saw the tip glistening withthat delicious precum that I love so much.  I’m sure he wasn’t breathing at all as I leaned my head towards his cock slowly and began to lick up his sweet nectar.  Immediately he thrust his hips upward so that his entire cock filled my mouth and hit the back of my throat.  He grabbed my hair tight and began to furiously thrust his hips so that I had to close my throat to keep from gagging on his huge shaft.  Once I got used to the size, I was able to keep up with his tempo and bringing my head downward with each of his upward thrusts.  I was humming loudly on his cock, loving the taste and feel of it.  He suddenly stopped, let out a loud and primal yell and all at once my mouth was filled with his organic protein shake.  He shuddered as he unloaded it all in my mouth and I swallowed every drop of it.   It was over in a few minutes, but it was heavenly.

I’m picking up my car tomorrow.  I’ll have to remember to ask his name when I see teen boy again.  Tomorrow, it will be his turn to bring on the orgasm!

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