Best Sex Stories: Teens Love Older Men

I have the best sex stories to tell. One of my best sex stories and my personal favorite was when I use to tease my brothers best friend. Every time he came over I would purposely walk around with little booty shorts, in my bikini, or just with a towel wrapped around me. He came over one day looking for my brother. Who hadn’t come from the gym yet? I told him he could wait in the living room for him. he walked in and I shut the door and locked it behind him. He made my pussy wet just looking at him all man just sitting on the couch.

I quickly ran upstairs and put on my lucky bra and panties. they are red, lacy, and tight. no man could resist me when they seem me in them. So I made my quietly down the steps. I called out his name as I reached the bottom. he turned around was shocked to see me standing there half-naked. He tried not to stare too hard but it was so hard not too. I looked good my beautiful 36 C breasts were glowing as my petite tight body was looking all smooth.

I walked over to the couch near him and got on knees between his legs.

Pulled his hard cock out of his pants. I wrapped my hands around it and started sucking it up and down. I loved sucking on his tight balls while I stroked his cock. He loved for me to even bite on it a little. Tasting his pre-cum had my panties fully soaked I sild them off and put my wet panties in his mouth. It drove him wild. With my panties still in his mouth, he bent me over the couch and stuck his hard dick into me.

Making me jump and moan from how big it was. My little tight pussy could barely take it. I fucking loved every minute of it. Feeling him smack my ass until it turned red, and having his big balls slap against my ass with every thrust. I knew he was so turned on. He was ready to cum and I said for him to pull out. He screamed that he couldn’t and busted his hot load all inside my tight young pussy. Best Day of my life!

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