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As I looked down at his hand on my thigh I nervously asked how he could help. He smiled and said it would cost me. I knew right there what he wanted but I played dumb anyways. His hand went further up my thigh. Remind you I’m in a blue jean skirt he has easy access to my tight young teen pussy. My heart starts pounding and my body is shaking. He tells me to relax as he leans in to kiss me. The kiss wasn’t bad at all in fact it put me at ease. His wife yells from the hall she is going to take a shower. My nervousness quickly shifts to being afraid we are going to get caught. I try to stop him and remind him about his wife. He tells me not to worry and grabs my hand and places it on his cock.

How bad do you want it

I decide since he is offering to take advantage of the moment. Falling to my knees, I unzip his pants. “What would you pay for me to touch it?” He says $100 but I counteroffer $200. Then he says $150 but I blow on his cock to tease him. He says okay $200. I tell him to lay it on the money on the couch beside him first. The money is counted out before me and laid on the couch beside him. I grab his cock and stroke it. His cock was hard and the harder I stroked it the more precum dripped out of it. “How much would you pay for me to suck it?” He says $200. I giggle and come back with $300. Mr Ross counters me with $250 then I pull back away from his cock. He says okay $300 and counts out the money.

The money is laid on top of the previous stack. I lick around and around the head of his cock. Then I wrap my lips around his cock and stroke him into my mouth. I can feel his cock throbbing. His cock is dripping precum into my mouth. Then I pull my mouth away and stroke him before putting him back inside my mouth. I massage my tongue against his shaft as I suck his dick. The shower is still running in the bathroom so I know where his wife is. He pulls me to my feet and his hands squeeze my ass as he kisses me. I grab his hand and slide it between my legs. “How much would you pay for this?” He says well I already paid $500. But I guess Mr Ross hasn’t figure out teen babysitter sex will cost him.

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I remind him it is for school. He is the one that offered to pay so pay he must. Mr Ross offers me $400 and I counter with $500. He knows now I will not settle for less and counts out the $500. I slide off my clothes and push him down onto the couch. He pulls me on top of him and I sit on his dick. But if he wants to cum inside me that will cost him more. Think twice before thinking teen babysitter sex is free. If you like to role play come see me. I like all kinds of naughty role plays. Including hot neighbor role play. Call my phone sex number and let’s play.