Hot Neighbor Role Play

The affair had been going on for sometime. His wife leaves for work and I sneak over. This hot neighbor role play might be your next fantasy. I sat by the window and waited patiently for his wife’s car to leave. Minutes felt like hours but the wait is worth the big dick I am going to get. Finally her car pulls out of the drive way. I wait long enough for the house to be out of her view. The door is unlocked so I let myself in. I tip toe through the house just in case someone else is still there. The house looks empty so I head up the stairs to his room. His bedroom door is wide open. I make my way inside and there he is asleep in bed wearing only his boxers. Reaching in the covers I gently grab his cock and rub it.
He doesn’t wake up yet. I reach inside his boxers and stroke his hard cock. His body starts to move and I stroke it faster. Perfect way to wake up, right? He smiles when he wakes up and sees my face. Then he frantically sits up and ask if we are alone. After assuring him we are alone, I push him back down and kiss up his torso. My tongue circles his nipple before kissing my way to other one. I circle his other nipple before reaching to kiss him on the mouth. We kiss and make out. His arms are holding me against him. My mouth moves to his earlobes and neck. He moans and moves his hands down to my ass. Then he removes my silk rob to discover the new lingerie outfit I am wearing for him. He’s really hard for me now.

An intimate affair

He’s peeling off my lingerie and kissing all over my body. I push him back and this time kiss down his torso. My lips reach his big dick and I lick his tip. I circle my tongue around and around his tip. His cock is throbbing in my hand as I wrap my lips around it. I stroke him into my mouth. Going fast, aggressively taking him into my mouth. Then I slow down taking him deep into my throat very slowly. I tease his cock with my tongue in between sucking his cock. He rolls me on to my back and licks around my pussy. Avoiding my clit he licks all around it. After teasing me back he uses his tongue and circles around my clit.  Hot neighbor role play can be sensual or rough and I like a little bit of both.
Finally his tongue flicks across my clit. I don’t think I have to tell you just how much I was squirming all over that bed. My pussy was so wet I was soaking the sheets but he didn’t stop. His tongue moves down inside my cunt. I feel it wiggling inside me which only makes me squirm more. His tongue slides down until it’s wiggling around my asshole. I grab the pillow and moan into it. I’ve had all I can take and I shove him over and get on top of him. His cock slides inside and ride it. He’s grabbing my ass and pulling me down on his cock. My tits bounce in his face and he catches a nipple with his mouth. When I tell you it was hot, I mean it was hot. Then he flips me into a doggy-style sex position.

Take me in your wife’s bed

There is spanking, there is hair pulling and there is loud moaning. But a voice entering the bedroom door sends a pause to this hot neighbor role play. It’s not the wife but the wife’s sister. And now our secret affair is in jeopardy. Claire has caught us and threatens to tell unless… And that’s where this hot neighbor role play turns into a threesome. But you will just have to wait another day for that. Unless you can’t wait to hear the rest of this erotic sex story. Need to know more now just call your phone sex kingdom queen and get the details early. Want more teasing? You nylon foot fetish tease has something just for you!