Nylon foot fetish tease

His body is squirming all over the bed as I drag my nylon foot around his face. He wants so bad to grab my foot and shove it inside his mouth but his hands are tied to my headboard. I drag my foot across his forehead and down his cheek. I’m going around his mouth to the other side of his face. Circling around his face just teasing him because I know it makes him squirm. I rub my toe down his nose and dangle my nylon foot over his mouth. He lifts his head trying to catch my toes with his mouth but I pull back. I’m such a dirty nylon foot fetish tease. Again I tease him putting my toes right by his lips and pulling away before he can suck them. I drag my foot down his chin, neck and run it across his chest.

Then I watch him squirm as I run my nylon feet around his left nipple. My silky nylon foot teases his nipple then I drag it to the right nipple. His moans and grunts get louder as I tease his body with my silky nylon stockings. Standing over him I take my time and slowly going back forth teasing each nipple. Dragging my sexy stocking feet all over his chest. His handcuffs rattling against my headboard as he tries to free himself. He will never get free. I drag my foot further down running it across his stomach teasing him. Rubbing my feet all over his sides and stomach. He’s squirming more now. I drag my sexy nylon feet down circling around his cock. His cock twitches as I circle around and rub my foot against his balls.

Head to toe mind blowing tease

I rub my sexy nylon feet against his balls. My silky stocking have him on edge. After making him beg I finally rub my toe across the head of his cock. Back and forth rubbing my toe on the tip. His cock is leaking so much precum. Then I use my sexy stocking feet to satisfy his nylon foot fetish. Placing his cock between my feet I begin to stroke his cock. My sexy nylon feet stroking up and down on his cock. I slowly stroke him then I go faster. Think of like combining edging games with your nylon foot fetish.  My soft nylon feet stroking him slow then fast until he is on edge. When his cock starts to twitch I pull back going slow again. And just when he thinks I am going to give in I pull away all together.

My feet sliding back up to his stomach and rubbing all over his sides again. Then sliding back up to his chest rubbing my feet all across him. From one nipple to the other I tease him with my sexy nylon feet. Again sliding back up his face and circling around his face. But this time after rubbing around his face I shove my nylon foot into his mouth. He sucks my toes through my nylon stockings. I force my foot deeper into his mouth before pulling back out. Now I sit between his legs and wrap my nylon feet around his cock. Again I stroke him between my feet. He’s moaning and begging to cum. I tease him a little longer before removing my feet from his cock.

Squirt all over my nylons

Moving my feet to his balls and rubbing all over them. Now I take my toe and push it just a little into his asshole. One foot rubbing his balls another rubbing that ass. I watch how it drives him crazy. His moans are louder now. And when I see he’s had enough I wrap my feet around his cock. But this time I am going to stroke him until he cums. I want my sexy nylon feet covered in cum! Are you ready to have your nylon foot fetish explored? Kinky or sensual! Prepare to experience mind blowing orgasms. There are all different types of femdom cock torture. How do you want it? Sensual nylon foot fetish or hardcore edging? Check out my profile at phone sex kingdom and give me call!