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I have the best babysitter sex stories since that used to be my job. I’ve always been too pretty to work at a fast-food place. At the time I was babysitting some twins every single Saturday night. Their parents had a very active social life, and I loved the money. The twins had bedtimes, so after they went to bed I would clean up. Most of the times I would leave the kitchen for last. I always knew the twin’s daddy had a thing for me, I could tell. When he would pay me his hand would just slightly touch mine a little too much, and he always took the longest way home to drop me off. He would try to make small talk with and I just knew he fantasizes about me.

One night, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I heard a car pull into the driveway. They always came together but I noticed that afternoon, both of their cars were gone. Sean walked in straight to the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of water and proceeded to make his awkward small talk, but this time I could tell he was a bit tipsy. He told me not to clean up the kitchen, that their housekeeper would get it in the morning.

Then, just as soon as I was done I felt him just a bit too close to me.

I could feel him standing right in back of me. I leaned my head, and I could feel his warm breath on my neck. He started rubbing my hips and kissing my neck. I told him it wasn’t appropriate for us to be doing this, but he didn’t care. He lifted up my shirt and squeezed my perky tits with his hands. My pussy started getting soaking wet. The simple fact that he was an actual Daddy just made me lose control. I want it him inside me, so bad.

As he continued to kiss my neck he pulled down my jeans. This is where this babysitter sex stories get even hotter!

All the way down with my panties too. He squeezed my firm ass, hard and gave me some subtle spanks. He grabbed my hair, pulling my face towards his and kissing me passionately. Then he said he wants it to taste me, so bad. I leaned over on the counter as he kneeled in front of my ass, spread my cheeks open and started eating my pussy. I could feel his tongue, warm and wet, making my pussy drip, and slurping all my juices back into his mouth. So I was moaning, and I held his head in place as he rammed his tongue into me. I was about to cum and I knew he could feel my pussy tense up, so he stopped.

When he stood up there was no time for me to suck his cock, as much as I want it to taste him. He unzipped his pants, and just pulled out his hard-on. He held my hips, as he thrust into my wet tight teen pussy. I felt his big hard cock go deep inside me all at once. I gasped, but he only fucked me harder. As he was ramming his cock deep inside I could feel my juices drip down my thighs. He then put his hands around my neck, almost choking me. I didn’t care, all I want it was to cum. My pussy started to tense up again, and just as he tightened his grip on my throat I came. I came so hard I could feel my cream all over my thighs dripping.

He pulled out of my tight pussy, turned me around and I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to clean up the mess I made on his big cock.

I cleaned his cock, slowly licking up and down his shaft, not forgetting the balls, I want it him to cum in my mouth, so bad. He held my head and faced fuck me, and just as he was thrusting in and out of my mouth he was pumping his warm creamy load deep in my throat. I stayed on my knees, still with his dick in my mouth, savoring that moment, till he went limp

Sean’s wife got home not too soon after I got dressed. Thank gosh the twins were still asleep. On our way to dropping me off, it felt like it always did. Even as I could still taste him, Sean still attempted to make small talk, which still seemed awkward. When he paid me, he gave me some extra cash. When I was about to close his door, he asked if I could babysit during the week for them. I said yes, but I would have to be home earlier. He said he would make sure not to take so long eating me out. I giggled.

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