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When Johnson’s posted an ad in the neighborhood needing a babysitter I quickly applied. I was young and needed the cash, besides Mr. Johnson was so cute and I knew I could get some hot babysitter sex stories for all my friends. Of course, me being the bratty teen slut that I am couldn’t resist flirting endlessly with him. I just wanted to feel his wide hard body crushing my tiny petite little self. Every chance I got I touched him. I wore tiny little miniskirts and halter tops that just barely covered my young firm breasts. So I bent over in front of him and teased him with my teen tight body. I knew he wanted me. I would catch him watching with a fever in his eyes until one day he finally accepted what I so blatantly offered!

He came home early from work knowing his wife would still be gone. Soon as the baby was asleep he had me bent over the couch my jean skirt pushed up around my waist and my panties around my knees. He buried that thick cock deep inside my wet tight pussy! I took all his meat with the satisfaction of finally getting exactly what I wanted! I exploded around him several times that afternoon. For the next month, we fucked every opportunity we had. I sucked his dick in his car every night they came home late. He ate my pussy in the bathroom at one of our school’s football games. We were very busy fucking each other that we didn’t notice that his wife was noticing!

Until one day when I was putting the baby down and she came up behind me and slide her arms around my waist.

She squeezed me gently and rested her face on my shoulder. I was not sure what was happening, but I stood there waiting. You are such a beautiful girl and I am sure you are a magnificent fuck! I gasped, I suppose I should have been shocked but for some reason, I wasn’t. I just turned in her arms and slid my own arms around her shoulders. Would you like to find out Mrs. Johnson or should I just call you Mary? She leaned down and kissed me softly only slightly invading my mouth, unlike her husband’s violent assault.

She tasted sweet and delicate. I liked it a lot. Her hands found their way to my small ass and gripped it firmly. Then she was pulling my shirt from my shorts. We hurriedly came out of our clothes a new frenzy taking hold of us. I had never been with a woman before, but instinct took hold of us and we found our way to the bedroom and into the 69 positions. I did not need training on how to eat pussy. So I knew all the ways I liked it and I just followed her lead. Just as we were exploding together her husband walked in.

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