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Teen sex stories: I may just look like your average bratty teen slut but never underestimate the powers of my sweet pussy. I’ve managed to get whatever I wanted most of my life, and even though I am young, in the last few years I’ve gotten everything I’ve ever wanted. Let’s face it most men think with only one head, and I’ve learned how to make that work to my advantage. It started with my Daddy way back when. Today I’m an expert at taking whatever I want and it’s not hard, well unless it’s your husband’s cock – giggles.

I’ve been in a secret relationship with my best friend’s Daddy for a few years. And is more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Trips to Europe and expensive gifts. All ranging from a brand new car, diamonds, and season tickets to all the NFL football games. I love my best friend dearly, but I like what her daddy is doing for me fucking ego. Being the other woman is not as bad as people make it out to be, my bank account is full, and I’m in total control. If you are wondering how much does my pussy cost, I’d say priceless.

How did we begin seeing each other you might ask? Well, it all started one day when he was giving me a ride home.

I won’t lie, I made the first move. Before we turned into my street I grabbed a hold of his cock and it didn’t take much for him to get a boner. He tried to stop me but I always get what I want. Next thing I knew he was in my bed since I was home alone. I made him eat my pussy till he was leaking precum. And when I was ready to cum, I held the back of his head and made him bury his tongue deeper inside me. After that, he was addicted to me and I got everything I wanted from him.

Oh, and he isn’t the only man I see. If you could only take a glimpse into my little black book you’d be surprised at who has fallen into my charm.

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