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You come home with your wife and she has had a few too many glasses of chardonnay so she walks upstairs and heads to bed as you take me home and pay me for my babysitting job. I’m down in the kitchen cleaning up after I made the kids dinner. You look me up and down as I lean over and put stuff into the dishwasher. You can see I’m wearing a pair of cute white cotton panties under my jean skirt.

I stand back up and turn around and smile at you, “Welcome home! I was just cleaning up a bit before you guys got back.” You sit down at the island and tell me that your wife had a few drinks so she is probably passed out. Then I giggle and say “Oh, well, haha, at least she had some fun!”

You smile and I come and sit down next to you at the island. I tell you how much I appreciate you letting me watch your kids and giving me this job was a godsend since I wanted to buy my own car finally. You put your hand on my knee and pat it and smile, thinking about fucking your teen babysitter.

I look at you with my big green eyes and smile.

You lean in and give me a kiss on the cheek, making me blush. And I can’t help myself but I stand up and turn your chair to me. Putting your hands on my sides, letting you feel my curves. I lean in and give you a kiss on your cheek as well.

You take the opportunity to just kiss me on the mouth. I don’t stop you either. I just lean into it and let you start to grope all over my body. And you go straight for my ass and big, perky tits.

I say “Oh my. I am so sorry.” You then smile and stand up, pulling me into you and picking me up to take me to the couch. You lay me down and pull off my white cotton panties. I put my hand down and try and cover my pussy but you move my hand.

Your cock grows harder in your pants and you take it out. And I pull up my t-shirt to show you my perfect tits. You lean down and suck my nipples oh so gently. And then you sit down and pull me on top of you.

I straddle you and grab your rock-hard dick and push it into my tight teen pussy. I moan and you say “Shhh, we have to be quiet.” You kiss me to hush me up and I just ride your cock up and down. Then I moan into your mouth and you can’t help but spank my ass as I ride you.

We fuck for a while and then we hear a bump, but it turns out to be the doggy door when the dog walked through. Then I moan a little loud and cum all over your cock, making it drip down your balls. You smile and make me bounce harder on your cock. I smile and ride you as hard as I can.

My big tits bounce as you just keep fucking your teen babysitter.

You then start to moan in my ear and I say “Oh please, cum inside of me. Breed me, please!” You look in my eyes and I smile and ride you. And you just can’t help but cum deep inside of my pussy.

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