Everyone, whether they say it or not, has breeding sex stories. That’s right! I said it. If you’re fucking without a condom then you know that it’s definitely a breeding fetish.

I have a friend that I fuck all the time. And he wants to fuck without a condom on. Which is a big turn-on for me but kind of unsafe… but I don’t give a fuck at all. I want him to cum deep inside of me and try to get me pregnant!

And this is how it goes with him: I send him some noodz and he tries to pretend he’s busy and/or working. Well, I don’t give up… I always end up saying the words “Breed me, daddy!” And that usually gets him off of his ass!

Of course, I quickly get in the shower and rinse off before he knocks on my door. And get my robe on and that’s all. He shows up and tells me “You’ve been naughty babygirl.” I smile and tell him “Yes, daddy, and I want you to breed me.”

He grabs me and takes me to my bedroom where he lays me down on the bed, gently.

I love the feeling of his hands all over my body as he squeezes me, caresses me, and just touches every part of me. My mind goes wild and my mouth starts to water just watching him undress. He is already hard as a rock and tells me “I’m going to fill you up and breed you, baby.”

And I smile at him because this breeding sex story is all about pleasing daddy and I know it. Well, he squeezes my tits and slaps them around a bit, making them red. I moan as he starts to wrap his lips around my hard nipple. And he sucks my nipples for as long as he wants.

My body is all his and I know my place when it comes to getting bred. He starts to stand up and slaps his rock hard cock onto my pussy, telling me that it is all his and no one else’s. I nod and say “Yes, daddy.” And let him do what he wants with me.

Let me tell you… breeding sex stories are even better than the double penetration fuck I had!

Daddy’s hand grab my hips and he slams his cock into my wet and waiting pussy. I gasp and he tells me “Good girl, baby, let daddy breed you.” I let him ravage me and fuck me harder and harder. I let him know that I am all his to do with what he pleases!

“Daddy, make this breeding sex story be one of the books!”

He smiles and really plows into me and pins my arms down to my sides. I moan louder and louder for him to show him how fucking hot this really is and he just groans and grunts letting me know he’s going to really give it to me. “I’m daddy’s cum dumpster!” I tell him as he fucks me harder.

Then he turns me over onto my hands and knees and grabs me by my hair and shoves his cock back into me. I scream “Daddy!” And he just says “Yes, baby, be my fucking little breeding machine!” And I can feel his big cock getting harder and getting ready to just explode into my pink pussy.

His balls tighten up and I feel him grip my hair harder and then feel him grab my ass and hold tight. I scream “Yes daddy! Breed me, breed me!” And he lets out a big groan and moans and shoots a HUGE load deep into my tight little pussy.

He lets me go and slaps my ass, turning me over. Then he kisses my lips and says “I love fucking you without a condom, baby.”

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