It’s so nice to have you laying there, my special slut. If you think for a moment our little teasing JOI denial session is going to be easy on you, you’re going to be in for a world of surprise. Just lay back in bed for me, completely naked. I want you to feel the cool breeze on your skin and have access to every inch of MY body. Yes, my body, you belong to me, every single part of you.

Now, look at you, completely exposed to me. Your cock is ready to be touched. Plus, You’re already aching so much to have your fingers touch your skin. My slut, I can’t believe how naughty you are! I want you to start by rubbing your hands over your body, lightly caressing with your fingertips. Every so often, let them run over your nipples, getting them hard for me. Once they get there, don’t you dare let them go soft; if they do, you are to twist them as hard as you can; understood?

Now the real fun of our teasing JOI denial begins!

Leave your left hand on your nipple, just rolling it around, flipping between each. Meanwhile, move your right hand down to your cock, lightly rub your fingers over your shaft, but skip over it and to your balls. Get a nice handful, and start to roll them with your fingers. Do this for about five minutes, feel the blood slowly fill into your shaft. Then give them a decent squeeze while bringing your other hand down to your shaft. I want you to use a soft grip around your shaft, don’t be greedy, you fucking slut; this is my JOI teasing torture scene.

No, with that soft grip, slowly stroke up and down; your cock should be nice and hard by now. Keep that light grip around your cock but make your movements faster, gradually picking up your speed. When you get as fast as you can, stop completely, let go of your cock and let it stand at attention. Bring your fingers to your mouth and slather them with your spit; take two fingers and your thumb down to the tip of your dick, and spread it only on the head. Squeeze the head of your cock with those fingers, and stroke the head hard and fast until you get to that edge. When you get there, slam your hand down your cock to the base, squeeze and just let it sit.

Don’t you dare cum, you fucking naughty whore!

Now, slowly drag your hand up your shaft while still squeezing nice and tight. Is that precum oozing out of the tip of your cock yet? Good, I hope this teasing JOI denial session is driving you wild. Stroke it hard and stroke it fast for me. I want you to edge yourself three times, and don’t you dare fucking cum. Does it hurt yet? Are your balls aching to pop? Smack them and then squeeze hard. Remind them that they aren’t in charge; I am!

Don’t forget; you have to keep those nipples hard. I bet you let them get soft, didn’t you? Twist them as hard as you can. You know what, even if they didn’t get soft, twist them anyway. I love that little whimper that escapes your lips. How I wish I could be there to graze my lips on yours and make you beg for me. Now, stroke your cock exactly how you like and get to that edge. Next, my favorite part; countdown denial torture! Count backward from 10, and when you hit 1, you better be at that peak. Will you be allowed to cum? Let’s see.

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… and … 1!

Get your hands off your cock. You aren’t cumming today, you pathetic slut. I wish you the best of luck next time in our JOI teasing torture, my fun plaything.

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Mia Kinky Crew