If I ever get bored, teasing daddy’s friends is my favorite game!

I can get whatever I want just by teasing daddy’s friends! I love when daddy brings his friends over! They can’t  I have each and every one of them eating out of the palm of my hands. I know that if I want something out of daddy, especially, I should ask him when one of his friends are over because they will make him say yes. Daddy knows that every single one of his friends wants to fuck his little princess, which I think is both amazing and hilarious. He works up so easily. Probably because he just wants me all to his self. I always make sure to dress super slutty when daddy’s friends come over so that I can more easily swing my influence over them.

Sometimes I just like to dangle myself in front of them while daddy watches. I love the tension that builds when daddy catches them staring at my ass. I also love nights like football night, when I can have an entire room of older men under my spell! Only the ones who really spoiled me got to fuck me! I loved making daddy and his friends jealously bicker over me. Daddy acted all protective, but only because he wanted to be the only one fucking me. He didn’t want anybody to know how desperate he was to keep me to his self, so he only lightly chastised me for dressing super slutty when his friends came over. Plus,

I dressed slutty so often, who could say that the two were not a coincidence?

One day, daddy had one of his cuter friends over and I really wanted to go shopping. I had on some super short little jean shorts that were tight as can be. Then I had a cute little crop top that was thin as can be, almost see-through thin. My bra was black and lacey, so the design was a tad visible through the texture of the shirt. I needed daddy to take my friend and me to the mall with his credit card and then pick us up when we finished shopping. He told me that he was busy and I began to make a scene, as expected. I asked him in my princess voice, “But, why not daddy?” He told me that I needed to study and that I had just given his last credit card a serious workout.

I decided to amp up my game with a, “pretty pretty please daddy!” Then, I walked behind his friend and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I began stroking his chest and said, “Jake wants to take me shopping, don’t you Jake?” On cue, daddy’s friend not only volunteered himself to take me shopping but volunteered his card as well. Exactly why I asked! Of course, my daddy shot him a look and informed him that I was spoiled and needed to learn responsibility. I whined lightly in his ear, “You don’t think I’m spoiled, do you Jake.” Again, good ol’ Jake vouched for me. My daddy’s jealousy and pride overcame his strictness.

Daddy told me I could go, on the condition that he drove me and I only use daddy’s card too!

I got everything that I wanted that day because Jake came along. Daddy was under the threat of jakes credit card too, just in case he turned down any of my expensive choices. I, of course, rewarded Jake profusely for twisting daddy’s arm in a game of testosterone, and in my opinion, winning. Finally, I insisted that Jake come in the dressing rooms with me while daddy stayed outside, which he hated. I told him if he tried to come in I would say that Jake was my real daddy and he would get arrested. I loved watching daddy get all worked up in his pride and jealousy like that! Pure desperation.

That is why I love teasing daddy’s friends. I know their eyes remain glued to my ass and tits every time I bend over. After I finish teasing daddy’s friends, I have both them and daddy eating out of my palm. My little pet men and their credit cards!

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teasing daddy's friends