Craving Some Teasing Audio Sex Stories, Daddy?

Turn up your volume and listen to my sweet voice, this is one of those audio sex stories you’ll love!

Do you like what I am wearing Daddy? I know how much you love when I wear all lace for you. A matching little set in all black and very see-through. Just lay back and watch me take off the lace bra. Watch me as I turn around and bend over right in front of. I love looking back at you, Daddy. My round bubble butt up in the air in a black lace thong. Do you want me to take it off, Daddy?

No, no. Not yet Daddy. I want to tease you some more. I want to stand up straight again, turn around and come get on my knees right in front of you. Look down at me Daddy. My gorgeous brown eyes looking straight into yours. I love running my hands up and down your inner thighs. Getting to your cock is the best, even if you’re still in your boxers. But it’s mine, isn’t Daddy? So I can just pull those boxers down and let your dick spring out.

This is what I’ve been waiting for Daddy.

Feel my lips as I pressed them against the head of your cock. I stick my tongue out and give you little licks. I bet that dirty mind of yours in going straight into the gutter and you are thinking I am going to just start sucking on your hard cock, don’t you Daddy? Wrong! I am going to hop on top of you and straddle you. I want to grid on your cock so you can feel it pressed right up against my lace thong. Wrapping my hand around it so I can jerk you off too. Does that feel good Daddy? I am moving my panties to the side and let the tip of your dick rest right on my pussy. Grinding my hips still so you can feel my wet slit.

Tell me, Daddy, how bad do you want to be inside me? I want you to tell me how bad you want to cum!

Age play phone sex is better when I am in control.
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