Craving Some Detailed Family Sex Stories

I am such a naughty little tease so that means you’ll love my family sex stories. I wear my shorts way too short. My blouses are barely there and see-through. I know my tight little ass and perky titties drive all the men crazy and I will use that to get my way! When I want something that my parents won’t let me have. I just wait until my mom is gone and I tease daddy until he finally gives in. His breathing is heavy, he can’t take his eyes off my nipples poking through the thin fabric of my shirt.

He squeezes me a little too roughly and just when I am sensing danger he gives in to my wishes and shoves me away from him. One day I might push him too far and I wonder what it would be like to fuck my daddy?

I do the same thing to my brother. Sometimes, when I want something I will sneak up on him from behind and slide my hand around him to his crotch. He always jumps and yells at me not to do that! I keep doing it anyway. Because I am a very naughty girl! There was this one time when I caught him masturbating in the bathroom and I just walked in and shut the door. He was embarrassed and trying to hide his dick from me. I just stood in front of him and began to undress. My brother was sitting on the toilet an I propped one foot on his knee and stood in front of him and began stroking my vagina.

He could not take his eyes off it.

He was mesmerized just like I was of his large dick! As soon as we had finished we heard our mom calling us from downstairs. I grabbed my clothes and ran out of the bathroom into my bedroom and I heard the shower start. I giggled to myself! I’m so wicked! When my uncle came to visit he completely had my full attention. I didn’t know him very well because he was never around, but he rode a Harley and looked like danger! I asked for a ride on his bike, but my mom said, no!

So I asked him privately if he would after she left for work. He looked down at me and grinned. I recognized a kindred spirit. This was dangerously wicked himself! With a wink, he said I would have to give him something back. I asked what and with that he reached around grabbed my ass hard pulling me against his hard dick! I gasped!

Be on the lookout for the second part of my family sex stories!