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I was always teasing everyone to get my way until my uncle showed up and taught me a lesson that now makes for amazing family sex stories! I wanted a ride on his bike, but my mom told me no. So I thought I could tease him into giving me what I wanted but instead, he made me work for it! When he grabbed my ass and pulled me into his hard cock I knew right then I was in a lot of trouble. I couldn’t resist him though. I was drawn to this handsome dangerous man.

My daddy and brother always let me push them just to the point before they broke so they never took me but I would tease them with my hot little teen body relentlessly. This man my uncle was a different story. He would take exactly what I was offering with my cock teasing. That night I slipped into a tiny nightie and pranced around through the house. My dad suggested I go to my room and change. I pouted and whined but my mom insisted I change instantly! I skipped off to my room knowing the damage had already been done because I saw the heated look in Uncle Tom’s eyes.

That night he slipped into my room and stood over my bed.

I looked up at him wondering slightly frightened and most excited about what would happen next. He yanked the cover off my body and looked down at me. I lay there in a tiny cotton tank top and cotton boy shorts! He unzipped his pants and reached inside. I had never actually seen a dick, I just felt my dad’s and brothers through their pants as they got hard for me!

He pulled his huge hard and shiny dick out and began to stroke it. He reached down and picked up my hand and squeezed it around his large member and using his own hand stroked his dick with my hand.

I lay there letting him manipulate me however he wished. He lightly brushed his fingers over my small breasts. It was not long before he tensed up and hot white liquid came shooting out and he pointed it so that it sprayed all over my body. He threw my hand down pushed his dick in his pants. Then he left my room without ever saying a word to me. The next day he completely ignored me, and I was upset I wanted him to see me. No matter what I did he just ignored me. Finally, I got him alone in the kitchen and told him if he did not acknowledge me I would tell. He laughed and said, Go ahead!

I did not want to tell I wanted him to make me a woman.

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