Tease And Denial with your cock till you break.

I just love the tormented souls that love tease and denial games. They seem just so pathetic while whimpering and groveling at my feet. Their one redeeming quality is the impressive level they can be pushed to or past any line one may have drawn in the sand. Time and time again I rub that line into nothingness and indulge in the shadows of my personality to achieve complete Domination. This is the side my wicked alter ego lives for. My ball-busting, nipple-clamping side erupts in laughter when I make my slave ask repeatedly for a privilege-like air until he asks the exact way my twisted mind wishes to hear it.

BDSM and Tease And Denial go hand in hand I think.

Pushing my Submissive to the point of a broken spirit and complete surrender is a perfect goal with each tactic. Once I have my pet tied and sometimes gaged I think of the most maddening way to almost giving him what he is so desperately whining for, and then dangling it an inch out of reach. A good ball gag in his mouth for instance is such a delightful tool when a Mistress sits on her slave’s face and gives the order to lick. It’s hysterical to watch a grown man under my pussy tearing up with frustration and desperation.

I cherish my collection of CBT devices as well as my abundance of strap-downs. This is particularly amusing after a long day or sitting in traffic. My favorite arrangement after such a day is to instruct you stroke by stroke with my extremely thorough JOI and really go berserk on his weasel ass. I wonder who will be my next victim of Tease And Denial.

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