JOI Taken Seriously Every Naughty Stroke Tug Twist And Rub gets you hot and heavy.

There is something so sexy about JOI with a good and obedient Role Play call. The fact that it all takes place on a telephone makes the instructions even more thorough because my description becomes deep with detail. On the other end away from my lips is your attentive ear, just waiting for my next order. Your hand is to grip your cock towards the top just like you do it when your alone. With your other hand you are to grip those balls that belong to me. I want you to squeeze those balls like I would if I was there tightening a thin rope around then, and taking them prisoner.

You hear my sweet side come whispering closer to you once more. Stroke my cock for me I tell you very seductively. Your eyes roll a little into the back of your head and in an instant I am right there in your bed, watching you jerk off that cock just the way I like it. On the telephone across the country, and laying on my stomach with my bare feet pointing to the vaulted ceiling I tell you what I want done. Your such a good boy to hang on my GFE Phone Sex every word and keep the pace of rubbing that juicy dick as my JOI slither from my lips to your ear.

I get such satisfaction from controlling your cock, and now I want it faster. I want to hear the moans that only I can give you. Get down on your knees while listening for the permission you beg for. Do you want to cum puppet? You better beg better than that. Having all those little buttons I can push anytime adds to my thrill. Even this Pantyhose Fetish of yours is something I can tease you with.

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