Pantyhose Fetish Fun With Long Legs And Toes You Crave brings you to your knees.

The fantasy of getting up my dress and looking right at that sexy little panel covering my pussy drives you insane. All you can think of is smelling me, licking me, and tasting me. I know how your Pantyhose Fetish works, because I just love it too. The feel of my legs rubbing together with pantyhose holding me so tightly is beyond pleasure. I love the feeling of my long legs gliding against each other while teasing you. My favorite way to distract you is crossing and un crossing my legs. I look into your eyes and rub my pantyhose covered knees and when I know your watching I snap the fabric back on my skin. That sound and the feeling of it grinding and gliding is enough to make any pantyhose lover get hard, and hot.

I open my legs just enough to almost give you that peek you’ve after. This gives you that gentle push you needed to finally ask me upstairs. Once behind closed elevator doors you go from polite to animalistic. You grab me by my waist and pull me close to your body. Pressed to your chest you begin kissing me passionately with a reaching hand touching me everywhere under my tight skirt. This Pantyhose Fetish will lead us right into your beautiful room where we strip each other of our clothing, except my pantyhose. You get right down on your knees and look up at my ass and pull me close by my hips. Your nose presses to me and you begin Ass Sniffing like crazy. Your moans intoxicate me, and get me soaking wet through these delicious pantyhose.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex is just heating up, and we both know we want more. Call me for some serious attention and pussy worship fun. I can’t wait to give it to you.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke