Tease & Denial in Public With My Cute Feet!

In preparation for the holidays I went and for my feet done at a local nail salon. I love when my feet are super soft and freshly painted. There’s not much that feels better than that. Well, I can think of one! Knew he was coming over, Lance, and he always loved to be teased with my feet. I was going to make tonight special because teasing him is my favorite thing to do!

I met him at a restaurant for dinner and while eating I took my shoes off and rubbed them on his crotch. His eyes got big as his cock grew in his pants. I knew he wasn’t going to last long if I kept this up. I knew when he was getting close to cumming, just from me rubbing him, so I’d stop. I’d wait 5 minutes or so before I put my feet back on his cock and kept rubbing. It was very obvious he was getting tense and impatient before the meal was brought out. He asked for to-go boxes and we quickly left.

He took my back to his place. So he was naked as soon as we got into his room. His rock-hard cock aching for me to touch him again. I brought him out to the couch and sat him down with his back facing the armrest and his legs spread out. Then I sat between his legs and slowly took my shoes off. I had some socks on as well so I took my time slipping them over my heel and all the way off.

I reach my right foot out, barely grazing across his head.

The pre-cum was dripping very quickly. I then took both my feet and pressed them together with his cock in the middle. Yummy, a cock sandwich! He threw his head back and let out a low moan. I pumped my feet up and down a few times and that was just enough to make him erupt out the top of my feet. His warm cum covered my feet and made me shiver. It was a very sensual feeling!

Do you like having a cute foot rub on your cock? Teased at dinner and then denied pleasure? I’m filled with that and so much more Foot Fetish!



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