Part 1

My boss was still pissed at me the next day at work. I kept my smiles to myself. He sat at his big desk surrounded by the hens that always flirted so shamelessly with him. He looked pained. Once the office was quiet I went in to see Mike to give him a few documents.

While in his office, he finally broke down begging me to take off the cage that held his cock firmly. I told him to come back to the warehouse at 8 pm sharp. After work I took off down to the warehouse to get ready. Once my mystery man in the black suit had Mike shown in and tied to the large bed I entered the room.

I straddled Mike and looked down at the cage nestled between his legs. I took it into my hand and warmed the metal. I looked down at his cock, and saw it was starting to bulge out the sides. I leaned down to him and asked how badly he wanted his cage off, how much he desired to push his cock into me. I fucking love teasing and denying him the pleasure of my pussy…

He started to whimper because the cage was so tight. He pleaded and begged me to release his dick. I laughed hard in his face and held my lips just out of reach. I sat back up and rubbed his steel chastity cage against my very wet pussy. I pushed it into my tight twat and started to rock my hips on him. The hard metal felt so good. I reached behind myself and massaged his balls,

Poor Mike was in agony. He cried out for me to release his penis and let him have me. I slapped his balls hard and leaned into him again. I took Mike by the throat and told him to repeat his plea. He could barely chock out the word please. His cage was oozing precum. I climbed off him and sat onto his face with a hard drop. I felt his tongue gliding in and out of me. I smothered him with my ass and cunt. While he was fighting for air I zapped his cock with a little shocker I had tucked away on the bed. His deep moan in my pussy made me climax hard. I lifted my hips and gave him a moment to breathe.

Somehow during my orgasm Mike got one hand free and worked his other restraint loose.  In a hot instant he pushed me onto my back and covered my mouth. He seethed with rage. He pushed his hand between my legs and gave my pussy a hard smack. He whispered that he was going to make me pay for caging him. He took my mouth cruely and kissed me….but what happened next was a night of torture I wouldn’t forget.


Call me and find out how Mike repaid me for teasing him so much!



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