I started working for a new company and it was really down to earth and for the most part low key. My boss on the other hand was a bit of a egotistical ass. Putting it nicely…. Always hitting on me. When sexy business women would go in for private meetings, I could hear him fucking them silly.
The last time he made an advance on me I said; “Sorry but I don’t date co-workers.” Which only made him go a little bit harder, trying to get me to go on a date with him. Silly man you have no idea what you’re playing with. I decide to go out with him and show him what his mistake was. I give him the address to show up to, Its in a warehouse district.
He showed up right on time and knocked on the big sliding door. A suited man greeted him and was somewhat intimidating.
“Are you Mike? Follow me. Mistress Alyson is waiting for you.” The black suited man took him into a rough looking room that had a large lavish bed. There are posts around the bed, they have large metal rings all down them. I walk in wearing the sexiest black corest with matching stockings, and crotch-less panties.

“So you wanted to have a date? You wanted to play?”

Mike says “Yes”

I grabbed him by the hair roughtly and whisper in his ear “Then take your fuckin clothes off. You wanted it , now you’re gonna get it.” I release his hair with a hard jerk.

He starts to undress and he doesn’t miss a beat. Mike is excited and wants it bad. I need him to want it so bad he could cry. He has no idea what I am planning . I tell him to get on the bed. The suited man helps me tie him to it, the perfect X. I straddle his chest and tell him to make his tongue hard and ready for my pussy. I move over his face and put my pussy just out of reach. I tell Mike to lick it, only I hover, keeping it just out of reach. I laugh while he struggles to bury his tongue into me.

“Its right there! Come on now, have a lick and taste how sweet I am. Hmmm I guess you don’t really want it then huh?” Mike fights to lick my tight twat. I look over at the suited man and ask him to come over to the bed. I whisper something in his ear, he leaves and comes back with a gorgeous blonde.

“If you won’t lick my pussy, then she will.” I point to the young lady. I lay my pussy right near his face, she leans over and starts to lick all my wet pussy juice. All he can see up close is how delicious I am. So pink. Mike isbegging to please let him lick me. He is dying for a taste. Every suck she takes of me he can see a pearl of my own desire dripping out. Mike was so riled and horny from wanting it.

Once I am totally ready for my pussy to be fucked. I pop onto his lap. “Wanna try fucking me now? You can have either hole…” I raise my hips and let just the tip of his cock rub my pussy. Not enough to penetrate. “Please Mike, I want you to fuck me sooo bad. Why won’t you even try?” He whines and says he is trying, but I won’t help him. Mike asks me to release him and he would gladly lick and fuck me.
“Oh no I cannot do that, see you have been torturing me at work. Bringing in all those sexy business women. I can hear you in there, pleasuring them…fucking them…Now its your turn to suffer! Since you won’t fuck me, I guess she will.” I point to the young women who is now outfitted with a cock that looks exactly like his. I bend down Mike and she gets between his legs and pushes into me. My beautiful tits just hanging above Mikes face. He is watching my every expression. I bite my lip and moan deep when I feel like I am about to cum. I take him by the throat and make him look into my eyes while I let her ride me through the orgasm. My mouth is so close to his, He dares to stick his tongue out for even a lick of my wet lips. Mike cries small tears, he’s so horny and wants it badly.

I lean down and give him a passionate kiss. “I gave you a chance to have me…you obviously didn’t want it that bad, too bad, I bet you fuck like a rock star. You wanted me. You needed me. You had me, but didn’t fuck me. You will never fuck me, understand?” With a slap to his cock and balls, I climb off him. I whisper to the young woman and leave for a moment. Mike throws his head back absolutely defeated. The young blonde crawls back up to him and slaps his cock and balls a bit harder. Mike is crying out, begging her to stop. I enter back into the large room with a metel divice. I fasten a cock cage onto him, its very snug. The blonde made his cock go down by giving a bit of pain. Once I lock the cage on, I show him the key. Mike asks what I just put on him. I tell him his whoring days are over. His cock belongs to me. If he wants the cage off he has to be a good boy at work from now on. I laugh at how much discomfort he is in, I get so much pleasure out of seeing him helpless.
The blonde and I leave for good. The suited man helps Mike off the bed after untying him. Mike studies the cage and tries to pull it off to no avail. He dressed and leaves with his ego bruised and his cock and balls sore…




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